Who The Devil

I’ve been seeing a variety
of celebrities getting
some bad press recently…

It seems to run
in cycles, somehow.

since the media
has built up these
I guess it feels
it has the perfect
right to tear
’em right back down
again – at any time
it suits their
purposes to do so.

And of course,
that’s anytime
— any time —
that there’s
to be made
on the deal.

I dunno why,

— but it does kinda
bring to mind
the image of a
nefarious, notorious
character straight
out of legend, lore
and mythology….

Talk about
bad press, man,
he’s been the king of
bad press for centuries.

But apparently,
somebody still likes him,
cause he’s making all kinds
of comebacks on TV shows,
books and commercials.

And as tight assed as
the Edwardians truly were,
they seemed to favor him
on their postcards as well.

A lot of time,
they wouldn’t mention
his name,
or his place of residence..

— and if they did,
it would be encoded
or in a hushed tone.


Bad juju ?

Well, ok, partly.

But also, because the
Postal Service could be a
real stickler about stuff
like that.

Yep, it was (is) against
postal regulations to seem
be promoting the image
of the guy using the mails.

Especially a postcard –

– which can be seen
by anybody –
women, children, and
wild eyed bible thumpers,

I’ve always regarded
the guy,
and his dwelling place,
as an allegory –

— one cooked up
for the purpose of
keeping people on
the straight
and narrow —

(sorta like
a mythical buzz-kill)

– but there are still
plenty of folks
who absolutely
believe that he’s
alive and living
right down the street,
doing tattoos for a living,
running the local
headshop, or even
writing blogs.

Some guys even
dress for it, 
and play up
this image,
particularly my
fellow bikers,
mainly because it
scares the squares.

I get it —

I like to do a bit of
square scaring myself,

As far as devil imagery
is concerned, though,
I’m not really a fan…..

But I’ve got plenty of
postcards in my mail bag
that are just burning
to ‘get the hell
out of there’…

— if you’ll pardon the
rather mixed metaphor —

And, since there’s
no torment in Hades
that’s worser
(sure, why not ‘worser’)
than the one that a
writers-blocked blogger
feels when he’s scratchin’
around for a topic……

here ya go.

And speaking of ‘getting
the hell out of there’,
a big howdy to our friends
down in Martin County, Florida.

Welcome back to civilization,
– or what passes for it, anyway.

!!! HOY !!!



4 thoughts on “Who The Devil

  1. Good blog, postcards, artwork, etc! Very devilish!
    😈 😈 😈
    PS…I’m related to The Devil. You knew that, right?!?! 😉 😛 When I need to put on a halo, I use my horns to keep it up! 😉 😛 😀

  2. ktz2 says:

    Some of the Devil & Hell stuff that’s been done in movies is pretty funny….
    ‘Bedazzled’ – especially the original w/ a young Dudley Moore.
    The beginning of ‘Heaven Can Wait’ (’43, w/Don Ameche.. and btw, spectacular Technicolor).
    A Sammy Davis Jr 80’s tv movie. Even a Warner Bros cartoon about Sylvester’s 9 lives, has to go to hell 8 times where the devil is a huge bulldog. . hahah

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