A Special Sunday Morning Music From Mrs.Fever

Hi Y’all —
We’ve got a very special Sunday Morning Music Post —
It’s actually a repost from my friend Mrs.Fever’s blog….
She was kind enough to mention yours truly in it —
And I thought, hey, why not brag a bit about it and repost it.
So — for our weekly feature this Sunday,
Heeeeerrrrrrrrrrreeee’s Mrs.Fever !
(Be sure to check her out at http://mrsfever.com)

Sunday Morning Music:
There is a certain someone –
a fellow blogger who reads
here on the reg –
who has a weekly feature on his blog, so named.

From what I can glean,
Mr Certain Someone has muscles in his head.
Which he sometimes exercises in curious ways.

But he exercises,
nonetheless: brain and body.

According to his blog bio, he is a power lifter.
(I’m not sure how, exactly, one goes
about lifting power – the static electricity
would be horrendous.)

Also according to his bio, he is is a married,
“mature” (that’s a euphemism, folks) southern gentleman.

According to his post content, he:

  • appreciates the female form(s)
  • digs cars
  • eats barbeque
  • enjoys art
  • has a thing for pin-ups
  • is into retro-futurism
  • knows how to get un-arrested in foreign countries
  • likes to ride motorcycles
  • manages to be brilliant about utter nonsense
  • once was in the music business
  • possesses encyclopedic knowledge of a gazillion random things
  • prefers mature women
  • served in the U.S. military
  • travels

According to his bloggerly interactions,
I can say with confidence that he has an
understated sense of satire,
a peculiarly placed funny bone,
and a firm sense of honor.
He is sweet and helpful and loyal,
and he genuinely appreciates his readers.
(He also appreciates some of the more
arcane aesthetics available for human
consumption, such as horrid vinyl album cover art.)

Plus, he always finds something to do
with the obscure memes and comics I send him.

I don’t always agree with his opinions
(oh c’mon… Carly Simon was NOT a rock ‘n roll artist)
or with his vocabulation
(‘groovy’ is SO four decades ago, man),
and I really don’t get his whole ‘thing’
about lingerie (it’s uncomfortable, yo).

But that’s okay.
Because he’s the kind of person
who doesn’t need to convince you
that they’re “right” (let’s leave the left out of it),
and who is always ready with positive reinforcement
(and a funny or four) when it’s needed.

Besides, he thinks I taste exquisite.

Errr…  I mean…
He thinks I have exquisite taste.

In music.

So since this weekend marks the one-year anniversary of my move to self-hosting this blog, and since Mr Certain Someone has been the most consistent commentator on this blog since that move, I felt a little Certain Something was needed to celebrate, in muscleheaded music style.

So without further ado, here’s a Sunday Morning Music playlist, which – while intended for my bloggerly audience as a whole – I am dedicating to my dedicated reader, Chris:


Alabama Shakes:  Hold On

Meredith Brooks:  What Would Happen

Brandi Carlile:  Dying Day

Sheryl Crow:  Run, Baby, Run

Melissa Etheridge:  Unusual Kiss

Florence + The Machine:  Wish That You Were Here

Amy Grant:  The Prodigal

Emmylou Harris:  Red Dirt Girl

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals:  Sugar (song starts at 2:40)

PJ Harvey:  Down By The Water

Etta James:  At Last

Fleetwood Mac:  Gold Dust Woman

Nina Simone:  Take Care of Business

Lucinda Williams:  Righteously

Amy Winehouse:  Back to Black


Clickety-click the individual links to explore a tune or two.  And if you want the whole SHE-bang (you *did* notice the theme, right?):

Enjoy the music.

Enjoy your Sunday.

And THANK YOU – all of you who read here, whether it’s your first visit or your seven hundredth – for sharing your time, your energy, and your thoughts with me here in my little corner of The Cloud.


Thank you Feve !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “A Special Sunday Morning Music From Mrs.Fever

  1. Great tunes for , C, who is a great blogger! And someone I adore!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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