The Hokey And The Pokey

a4It’s like they say….
opinions are like assh*les
— everybody’s got em.

I’m not saying
that they’re right…

I’m simply saying
that without one,
somebody’s likely
to explode with
all the built up bullsh*t.

Ask yourself why
I’m adding an asterisk
instead of just typing
out the word I really mean?

content can be so controversial

even when it’s really not.

Sure, everything I say
has at least 2 potential meanings….

One for the people,
like our regular readers,
who get where I’m going with it,

and one for
the people who are
hung up on grammar,
bland humor,
clean language,
and self-righteous indignation.c3

I’m not mad about it,

It’s always better to
keep the general public
guessing about
where your head is at.

Even when it’s shoved up in
some dark, foul smelling place.

Vox populi my ass.

I mean, a*s.


we are blessed
with a plethora —
–a virtual cornucopia,
of terrific submissions —

— both anonymous,
and otherwise.

My friend Jen,
for instance,
submitted the
can of a*shole repellent,c2
and the one about
reporting harassment…

I give her a 9 and 7/8
for that one.

Now, I can almost hear
her doggie Dax
barking at me
all the way across the
Mason Dixon line
about that score,
but hey —

like my old debate coach used to say:

——– nobody gets a 10, man.c4

And I want to remind y’all
that I very much
appreciate submissions..

Just sayin.

Rough and tumble content
is our thing around here, y’know….censored

So don’t worry
about the content,
as long as it’s fun.

Bad language?
Send it.

Saucy humor?
Send it.

Dirty pictures?fv
By all means, send it.

We’ll find some excuse to use it.

Maybe as some kind of
sarcastic knock at censorship,
I dunno.

Of course,
that might be a stretch,
because as you probably
already know,
I’m never sarcastic.

But we’re not in the blog
censorship business, after all.c5

Like the famous line
from Monty Python’s Flying Circus —

We don’t judge you,
We just want the money.

Poems and witty sayings are great,
but seeing is believing,
and sight gags are my right bag.

Make it as risque
or suggestive as you want.

I know that my readers can take it.

I get the feeling
that sometimes
they kinda like it that way.

HOY !!!!



7 thoughts on “The Hokey And The Pokey

  1. YAY for your blog, your sense of humor, your readers, your un-censorship, etc! This is a fun place to play! 😀
    HUGS!!! 😛

  2. mislucja says:

    Yay! I’m so glad you liked the pix!
    FB has been a treasure trove of “off-color” (i.e. FUN) images and cartoons lately. Will keep sending them your way 🙂

    Fun 🙂

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