Pissed Off And Mad About It

I dunno about you, temp1
but occasionally
my temper flares up.

it’s not usually a problem
– for me.

It can be a bit of a problem bull
for the other parties
involved, however.

But you know,
it’s never really
a good thing to
lose your temper.
I don’t see the harm
in making people
think you’re angry —

As long
as you’ve got
control of yourself.

The problem with that storm
is that sometimes
one can’t help but
be swept away
with the moment…..

Muscles flex,
Voices raise,
Blood pressure skyrockets.

In an instant,
it’s fight or flight time —

And I NEVER run.

My logic is you’ll either
win or lose, temper
rise or fall,
live or die…..
but running–
well, that just means
you’ll die tired and out of breath.

Fuck that.
Still, there’s something to be said
for keeping your tolerance level
set at a very high level —

Cause we all know
just how many
ignorant people
are out there —

and many of them
are going to stubble
across our path from day to day.

Stuff that can set you off
can vary from cobbshinn
person to person,
and from
moment to moment……

Somebody that you like
spilling hot coffee on you
isn’t going to be the
kind of issue that
somebody you don’t like
doing it would be,
for instance.

maybe somebody’s
just too clueless dreaming
to know any better.

And sometimes,
you just get used to things —
you know,
when somebody keeps
doing the same shit over and over….
you finally just figure ” O.T.H.W.I.A. ” .
(Oh, the hell with it, already.)

You just look the other way,
and maybe allow yourself
the luxury of an eye roll. mad

I mean,
if it ain’t going
to change the outcome,
then let the feebs get on
with their jejunity-fest already, right?

Oh sure,
I totally get
what you’re thinking —

” Hey,
Where’s The Justice In THAT, man ?

guess what.manadpa


at least,
you and I
are in this together.

And that’s
gotta countprop
for somethin’,

Right ????






4 thoughts on “Pissed Off And Mad About It

  1. dievca says:

    I have a temper….let me write that 100x’s. 💗

  2. Right!
    and Cheers back at ya’!
    Ha! What if everytime someone got mad they ripped their clothes off?!
    It’s difficult to stay/be mad when nakedness is abounding! 😉 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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