Edward Carpenter says:


Scarcely a figure,
male or female, approaches,
but a tremor travels across it.
As when on the cliff
which bounds the edge
of a pond someone moves,
then in the bowels of
the water also there
is a mirrored movement,
So on the edge of this Ocean.
The glory of the human form,
even faintly outlined under
the trees or by the shore,
convulses it with far reminiscences;
(Yet strong and solid the sea-banks,
not lightly to be overpassed;)
Till may-be to the touch,
to the approach,
to the incantation of the eyes of one,
It burst forth, uncontrollable.


2 thoughts on “Edward Carpenter says:

  1. Ah, SIGH
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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