Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell


11 thoughts on “Chris Cornell

  1. So sad. 😦 So tragic. 😦 News like this always breaks my heart. 😦
    Chris will live on in his music. We will not forget him.

  2. Oliana says:

    So sad indeed! The first time I heard of Soundgarden, was when I brought my son to a concert in Montreal.

  3. Mrs Fever says:


    First Weiland, now Cornell.

    I remember when Audioslave first formed. I saw them perform at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle in 2003. They were amazing. Cochise, Be Yourself, Like A Stone… It was music that fit me, at a time in my life when I didn’t fit with my surroundings.

    They’re awaiting an autopsy. Which, these days, seems to mean, “awaiting a toxocology report and pretending it’s not an OD.” Sigh. I really hope it’s not. But the odds are high.

    So sad.

    Thanks for sharing.

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