Elizabeth Bishop says:

elizabethbishop“I am in need of music
that would flow

Over my fretful, feeling finger-tips,
Over my bitter-tainted,
trembling lips,

With melody, deep, clear,
and liquid-slow.

Oh, for the healing swaying,
old and low,

Of some song sung to
rest the tired dead,

A song to fall like
water on my head,

And over quivering limbs,
dream flushed to glow!

There is a magic made by melody:
A spell of rest,
and quiet breath,
and cool Heart,

that sinks through
fading colors deep

To the subaqueous
stillness of the sea,

And floats forever in a
moon-green pool,

Held in the arms of
rhythm and of sleep.”


6 thoughts on “Elizabeth Bishop says:

  1. Yes!
    Music is so healing! It brings positive emotions! It brings release! It brings smiles! It hugs us!
    ❤ 🎵 ❤ 🎜🎜 ❤
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. Oliana says:

    Such a sensual poem on music…just love her words. Each person has “their melodies” that do exactly that.

  3. kirizar says:

    Perhaps it is the tiredness talking, but this is very restive and sedating. My brain tried to transliterate “Subaqueous” to “Turquoise” for some reason; as if poetry cannot avoid an obvious association. So, when my brain hit, moon-green, it was startled for a joyful exception to the rule.

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