Gropes Galore

aboredI guess it’s true….

Some folks wouldn’t
be able to get a thrill
with an unlimited
‘A’ ride ticket and
a trouser pocket
full of eels.

Other people,
like me,
(absinthe drinkers mostly)
— are excited by any
little bit of trivia
that comes along —

And today,
we got a couple of
real doozies from
the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Oh sure,

you could say that
none of this stuff
means much in the
overall scheme of things…..

That’s kinda what
I meant by ‘trivia’.

Take this next
fine example,
for instance.

This lady won a gold wrist watch
and beat out 42 other contestants chicken
for her first prize poultry ribbon.

Wait, you say….

Poultry ribbon?

Yep —

Bertha O’Conner,
from Ohio somewhere,
apparently won the award
because her hair most closely matched the plumage of a
Rhode Island Red .

Chicken, that is.

Or, a rooster –
I say, a rooster.


you might ask,
does a lady with
chicken-feather-like hair
manage it so fashionably ?

Only her hairdresser
knows for sure.


It just goes to show,
appearance is always
important, I guess.

Being part Irish,
I’ve known plenty of folks
who were super-sensitive
about being having freckles,
despite there are plenty
of other people (like me)
who think that’s it a
very attractive feature.

Back in the 1930’s,
a scientist by the
name of Doctor Matarasso
determined to invent acarbon
method capable of
freeing freckled folks
from the scourge of
run-away polka-dotted pigmentation —

— he decided the best way
was to freeze the little speckles
into submission with this
very user-friendly looking device.

Yep– for a creamy clear
complexion, remember,
— ice cold carbon dioxide
is your friend.

And they actually still use
a modified form of his
process to this day.

All so mean people
won’t call you Freckles or Dotty.


here’s an invention
from the 1930’s
I could actually
get behind.

It’s a motorcycle that was the most fun
when you rode it
winter weather.

Made by BMW,
it was sort of like
a two wheeled snowmobile.

The uni-track gave it
good road contact
and excellent stability.

And the fact that it looked
a bit like a tank is a positive
as far as I’m concerned.


And this —br

I have no idea how women of today’s generation function without one of these gizmos.

It provided gentle suction,

and light therapy, too —

to keep one’s breast shapely and sprightly.

Yeah, I said ‘sprightly’.

And yes, ‘breast’ IS singular.

Sorry — it only came in mono….

A stereo version never
became available, for some reason.

And with the current fashion
of breast augmentation,
the heat generated by the thing
might have caused unexpected
and unwanted complications, I guess.


Inventions like THAT
don’t come
along every day, ya know.1948psychology


Sometimes we get to
thinking that senseless
violence and crazy crime
is something new to our species……

But the truth is,
the loony’s have always
been with us,
and always will be.

This article, from 1948, demonstrates my point.

And what does it say about education, exactly?

I dunno…..

it’s just as easy to be
an educated asshole
as an ignorant one.


I dunno why,

but this 1930’s poster
seems particularly
appropriate these days. agroping

Life IS too short for groping.

It leaves very little room
for more necessary and practical things like:

(for promotions),

(credit for others work),

(money grubbing in particular),

(at straws),

(the palms of the powerful),

and grabbing —
(stuff that don’t belong to you).

It’s a shame, though…

A little grope always
helps perk up my day.

—– Get out there and
have some fun !!!!!





7 thoughts on “Gropes Galore

  1. HA! Crazy funny stuff! 🙂
    Oh…good -ing words! But, I chose groping! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. That golfer has to be an Art Frahm work, I’d recognize those underpants anywhere. 😀

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