So This Is The Future?

robbyIt’s the end of
May, 2017 ??

Already ?

Somehow I
just woke up
today and
here I was.

this is the
future, huh?

Where have
I heard that
expression before ?

Well, I must say,
now that I’ve seen it,
I’m majorly disappointed
in the future.

For one thing,
the popular music
here really sucks.c1

I really don’t get
how an electric drum kit,
a no-talent moron
making bad rhymes,
a scratchy record,
and a blasting subwoofer
qualifies as anything
but pure suck-age.
Think about the
talented people
who have called
themselves musicians
from the previous recent generations —

the Jimi Hendrix’s,
the Frank Sinatra’s
the Otis Redding’s,
the Janis Joplin’s,
the Sam Cooke’s,
the Johnny Cash’s, lemmy
the Ray Charles’s …..

Wouldn’t they all
be rolling around
in their graves listening
to the crap
they’re playing now?

All except for Lemmy,
who I expected would
come back as a zombie
and kick the lame bastards’
asses for ’em.

As I said,
Pure suckage.

the lingerie they make now.

I thought that z1
rayon and lycra were
gonna be futuristic.

Nope –

Cheesy looking and
cut like no woman’s figure
is ever gonna be good enough
to make it look right.

Right out, man.

‘Cause here in the future,
they want girls and boys
to look the same.

who knew that
in the future,
you woulda had 1000
choices for president,
and not one of them
who would even make
a good dog catcher..

although several woulda
made good dictators, I guess.

any minute,
I’m expecting Ming the Merciless
to throw his hat in the ring.

I won’t even mention
our-Nixon-wanna-be again.
But what I really
find a bummer is the lack
of all the cool space-age
stuff they promised us
when we was kids.

Where’s my space
disintegrator gun|
and helmet?


Considering the level of
social mayhem already
going on,
maybe we don’t need
more stuff like that.

Ok, then,
but what about my
Amazing New Secret Code
Vibra-Planet planetSpace Walkie-Talkies from which
I would derive
thrills and fun galore?

I could definitely
use some thrills
and fun galore,
especially for only a buck.

And I bet the Feds wouldn’t
even need to spend millions
of bucks for the code to listen in.

That certainly saves future time
and inconvenience.

And the secret on how this thing works
without batteries or electric is quite simple.

It’s exactly the same principle chemistry
as two tomato cans and a tight string.

But more futuristic.
Much more.

As a matter of fact,
the emphasis of form
over substance
makes me think
it would sell really
good today.

Awww, well….
I guess I’ll just have to adjust my attitude.

After all,
they still got pin ups in the future.



6 thoughts on “So This Is The Future?

  1. HA! I don’t think the popular stuff today is the future we thought would surround us when we were kids! Oh well! 😀 We have great memories to enjoy! We have more great memories to make! So, onward and upward, all for one, one for all, and 2 for $5, y’all!!! 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…I was hoping to have a personal robot by now…named Rocco! 😛

  2. Something cool about that name – Vibra-Planet planet Space Walkie-Talkies

    I always wanted walkie-talkies but my brother got all the cool toys

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