You Go To My Head

A melody can evoke
memories like no other
stimulant of the senses.

That song–

— you know the one–

the one that
you hadn’t heard
in many years ..

and then,
so vaguely
hauntingly familiar.

Flashes of faces,
and places.

A smile slips slowly
across your lips.

A warm feeling,
and for just a second,
you’re back there
all over again.

You can’t help
but wonder —

What happened to
that particular
instant in time —

— that very special spot
on the space-time
continuum ?

And just where
in that refrain
were all those
remembrances stored ?

If you had the
old sheet music,
would you find
it encoded
somewhere deep
between the notes,
beats and rests —

– – a mere breath – –
– a whisper –
a 32nd of a 64th ?

Perhaps it was
in the key —
or the harmonics.

Something made that
piece stand out from
among all the
and syncopated
of daily life….

What was it —
— that brought back
that time,
and that place.

And oh,
That Face.


! HOY !


4 thoughts on “You Go To My Head

  1. mislucja says:

    “Who knows where the time goes” will always be bittersweet.

  2. SIGH
    Love your words and ponderings and wonderings here…I’ve had the same experiences and thoughts. 🙂
    Sometimes hearing a song not only evokes a face, a place…but I can actually remember smells, feel of the temperature of that day/night, touches, etc. Such vivid sensory memories from just hearing a song! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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