Sunday Morning Music

enlHiya and Welcome.

Thanks for tuning in
to another of our
Sunday Morning Music Posts…..

Let’s see what we can
come up with that will
keep you on the edge
of your seat.

Or your bed.

Or ,
you can stand
if you’d like.

kneeling’s cool, too
if you’re into it.

I did too much of that
when I was a kid,
so I’ll just sit quietly,
thank you.


With the loss
of Gregg Allman,
I feel the need
to open up
with one of his,

Gregg Allman
Queen of Hearts


David Gilmour —
Where We Start


Chris Cornell —
” Say Hello To Heaven


Collective Soul —
Where The River Flows


The Spinners —
Working My Way Back To You


Blackfield —
Rising Of The Tide


Paramore —
Told You So “


Dropkick Murphys
” It’s A Long Way To The Top” 


Allman Brothers —
” Jessica “


Gordon Lightfoot —
” The Wherefore And Why


Joss Stone —
” While You Were Out


Motorhead —
” When The Sky Comes Looking For You”


Simply Red —
” Holding Back The Years


Gregg Allman —
” Multi-Colored Lady ” 


Michael McDonald —
You Belong To Me


Real McKenzies —
” The Tempest “


Steely Dan —
The Caves Of Altamara


Gregg Allman, Warren Haynes,
and Dave Matthews —
” Sweet Melissa ” 


!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!!!!

(thanks to Jen for this last image)



6 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Music

  1. […] [Found in here.] […]

  2. Paloma says:

    Saving some of these songs in my song list 🙂

    Glad u can use spud lady 🙂

  3. wonderful tunes for today, C!
    some of these made me cry…because the musician is gone and greatly missed. 😦

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