The Creme De La Creme

I’ll admit it-

I have a new favorite.

Her name is Yvette,
and she’s French.

Mais bien sûr!

Hey —
it’s not so much
that I’m not
still faithful
to my
first love-

— or to my best
drinkin’ buddy

No, that’s
not it,
at all.

It’s just that…

— well, a man
develops appetites
for the exotic,
and a hankering
for variety at times,

–and he wants to
quench those appetites
with something a bit
more elaborate ,

more than a
little bit naughty,

– and completely satisfying.

with that said —
meet Creme Yvette.

Yes, she smells sweet,
with a hint of violets
and fresh berries.

And she tastes of Elysium.

I first had her in a
small bistro in Marseilles
in 1978.

Then, she dropped
out of sight.

(actually, the idiot company
who made it discontinued
it after 130 years.)

And now, as suddenly
as she disappeared,
she has come back.

Better than ever.
(Because it’s in my glass)

Add her to some strong
espresso and cream, and
she’ll keep you going for
heaven knows how long.

Or just add dry Champagne
and a drop of bitters,

— or maybe a little
French Vanilla ice cream,
and she’ll linger on
your mind for days
– weeks —
you may never get
her off your mind.


This was not a commercial.

I just love the stuff,
and what’s more —

You will like the stuff
or you can send me
the unused portion
of your bottle and
I will be happy to
drink it for you.

Just that’s just the
kinda guy I am.

!!!! HOY !!!!!


17 thoughts on “The Creme De La Creme

  1. dievca says:

    My Goodness — that corset cannot hold that bottom in…looks familiar. XO

  2. Wowza and yum and yay!
    I love when good drinks have male or female names.
    You know, so men can say things like, “I spent last night with Creme Yvette.” And women can say things like, “Had Jack and Jim B in bed with me last night! Oh, what a night!” Ha! 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. J.D. Riso says:

    This is an obscure liqueur. Never heard of it! Sounds fabulous, so I will seek it out in France. I am an absinthe fan, too…my favorite is called La Blanche and comes from a tiny liquorsterie in Provence. It’s so smooth you can drink it without sugar. Vive la France.

  4. mislucja says:

    … after reading this I may need a minute to myself … ahem ….
    (LOL! )


  5. whyzat says:

    The laces on those corsets must leave some pretty funky marks! I can’t imagine how uncomfortable those things must have been. I put on a relatively simple girdle once, took it off and never looked at one again!

  6. J.C. Scheff says:

    This sounds really good 🙂

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