Oh No-Not More Terrible Album Covers

I pried you
with liquor –

– – – and now,
I’m ready to make
my move.

Boy Howdy,
am I.


so, I’m not 
going to try
and con you into
reading this post
by telling you that
we have some
beautiful peoples
prancing around
naked as jay-birds ,


or a sure-fire method
on how to make
millions of dollars
with which you
could use to
conceivably lavish
your favorite
blogger with fancy cars,
expensive clothes,
exotic travel options,
and other pricey
shit that he
really doesn’t need,

but certainly wouldn’t
turn ’em down
if they wuz free —-


I’m just going to
be completely honest
with you and tell you
that it’s time once
again for another post
about lousy album covers.

Oh sure,
we’ve done it before.

in:  ” Album Covers
Album Covers
and “Album Covers ” .

But, similar to so many
other cheap contrivances
we use around here to
make our regular
readers miserable,
we find bad album covers
that strike just the
right chord to
match the
frequency of nails
scratching relentlessly
against a virtual
blogging chalkboard
somehow rewarding
in our own sweet,
sadistic way.

Let me tell you —
we have some
major garblefucked
LP covers for you
long-suffering subs
(ahem) errr….
subscribers today.

there’s really
no need to go into
detail about things
like how:

somebody who designs
an album cover should
have at least a soupçon
of artistic talent —

— or how a person
appearing on an
album cover should
project the best aspects
of the contents
of said LP
and not own
a smile that
reminds one
of some goober
on the Howdy Doody show..

— or even that a little
background acquired in
Junior High
Graphic Arts class
could go a long way
in improving
these covers.

Naaah —
what’s the point,

They iz
what they iz.

and worser.

Maybe even
hell, you
never can tell.

So, as they say
in some parts
of Thailand,
just sit back
and enjoy
the suckage.

( I knew there
was a reason
I was holding
onto that
old garden hose and
those used golf balls. )

Have a little more
Creme Yvette, and
you might even
get to like it.

Just remember
the sacred motto
that we hold
so dear
here at the
ole Müscleheaded Blog-

– that :
“Nothing Exceeds
Like Superfluous Jejunity “.


No, I don’t have
any idea
what that

Like my old philosophy
professor used to explain
whenever he was asked
about the meaning of life–

” How The Hell
Should I Know? ”


!!!!! HOY !!!!!






14 thoughts on “Oh No-Not More Terrible Album Covers

  1. HA! I don’t think there is enough alcohol in the world to make these covers appealing! 😀
    Ha, knowing covers sell (books, albums, etc), I wonder what the hell were these people thinking!!! 😛
    Okay…I would buy the Kingsize Dick….just well…just because.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. mislucja says:

    Yikes yikes yikes! The awful is painful! 😀

  3. Brett says:

    Ahh!! — these are both awful and great! Lots of fun!

  4. tidiousted says:

    A wonderful collection my friend, simply wonderful 😉

  5. ktz2 says:

    Oh there ares SO MANY of these hideous & scary covers that one could spend days on end on trying to see all of them hahah

  6. Mrs Fever says:


    That might possibly be the best band name EVAR. I wonder if they do the soundtracks for Swedish porn?

  7. Selina says:


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