It’s All In The Wrist

ouijaIt’s magic,

That old black magic
has me in it’s spell…

That old black magic
that you weave so well
…. “

An old friend of mine
told me last weekou
that she had started
an interesting new collection

———— of old “Spirit Boards”.

spooky, man.

I laughed —

Hey, if you’ve seen
one Ouija board,aq
you’ve seen ’em all, right?

Uh…. no.

I went over to see
her burgeoning collection
the other day,
and I was frankly
pretty surprised
at both the style variety,
and the number of
different brands
that have been sold
over the years,
since the craze started
around the turn
of the last century.

I mean, it’s human nature,
I guess —

– to be a do-it-yourself oracle-
and be able to
prognosticate the future
using easily obtainable items…yogee

( hell,
$1.98 does seem
affordable enough )

You know:

You could ask
the questions
with no answers —

Does she really like me,
or is she just using me
to get NBA tickets?


Just how many times a week
does she fake her orgasms?s1wami


You could learn the unknowable —

Why is lemon juice
made with artificial crap,

and dishwashing liquid
made with real lemons?


If the professor on
Gilligan’s Island

could make a radio out of coconuts,
why can’t he fix a
simple hole in a boat?


You could solve great historical enigmas like:seance

Why was the Holy Roman Empire neither Holy nor Roman?


Who first thought of putting Braille on ATM drive-up machines?


You could obtain inside, secrety, secret information —azo

Like that hottie from down the streets’ name,
and phone number
and email address ..


Why can’t they make the whole plane out of the same stuff
those indestructible black boxes are made out of?


And you could commune with the mysteries of the spirit world and ask —

What does a hot girl-ghost
like Wendy

see in a wimp
like Casper, anyway?


Aren’t all cheap Motels really just
badly disguised gateways into the nether regions?
Or is it just their bathrooms ?


Hell, if these ‘talking boards’ really did work,
it’d be better than owning a pair of X-Ray specks.

So, it should be no surprise
that big business would find ways of cashing in on it.rajah

And boy howdy, did they.

There were more than 100 different varieties
on the theme manufactured
(under various brand names)
between the time the first commercially produced one in 1891
and their peak of popularity in the 1970’s.

That 1891 model was the original “Ouija” board, magic
based on the design used in Spiritualist communities
across the Midwest at the time —

The name “Ouija” is supposedly an
Ancient Egyptian word meaning “good luck”,
but that’s hogwash —

More likely,
it was an amalgam of the words
‘Oui’ and ‘Ja’ –
“Yes” in the French and German languages respectively.a2

And while the boards are rather fun to look at,
the real whiz-bang is in what’s called the “planchette” —

— based on a tool from a thousand year old
Chinese idea of ‘automatic writing’.

This is the item that moves across the surface
of the talking board like magic.

All you gotta do is get a couple of friends

(they don’t really have to be friends)
and hold on-

( – tight –
— tighter….
….. yeah, that’s it.
a little more to the left…. )

the spirits will do the rest.

that’s what they say,

HOY !!!!!






8 thoughts on “It’s All In The Wrist

  1. mislucja says:

    That IS impressive! You should see how many versions of Tarot there are. Ai yai yai. Oddly enough I talked with a friend this week who believes in something called sex magic. [She got her hubby a raise.]

    Ya just can’t make this stuff up ….

    Cool post!

  2. How interesting and fun!
    The glow in the dark one looks cool!
    We had a Ouija board as kids. Not sure we ever learned anything of value from it. Ha! 😛 That Calvin and Hobbes cartoon is more like our experiences. 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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