The Accordion Is For You

Hey man,
I don’t know
if you’ve gotten
the word or not,
Accordions are IN !

you know —

far out
and groovy.

Just ask the cool ghouls
who rule in school.

I don’t care
what you
might have heard
about those
new fangled
electric guitars,
fretless basses,
and fancy organs
with different
instrument sounds
built right in —

If you really
wanna be
part of the
‘in’ crowd,
the accordion
is for you.

Jimi who ?
Eric what?

Forget all that
cultural hysteria
claptrap man.

You wanna be
ultra cool
like this guy.

(No creepy
mustache required)

And because
the accordion
is so cool,

– and, of course,
in such high

… well,
they’re having
a big, big, big
sale on them.

Easy terms –
5 day free trial.

Look how easy it is —

Hey, she’s lugging
one that’s half as
big as her, and
she’s still smiling.

A coupla keys,
a coupla buttons,
a coupla squeezes,
and you’re fuckin’
Lawrence Welk.

And we all know
how cool he was.



if you’re really into the accordion,
you know we’re just messin’ with ya, right?
Check out my buddy GoodStuff’s
post on the squeezebox.

HOY !!!



19 thoughts on “The Accordion Is For You

  1. dievca says:

    A sad, yet happy tale: A friends elderly Father was playing in a band when he passed away recently. His instrument? The Accordion. I’m guessing he died doing what he loved. Can’t beat that~

  2. Brett says:

    The Lawrence Welk “One Toke Over the Line” segment is classic! What were they thinkin on that family-oriented show? Guess they weren’t — and we’re all the better for it now. 🙂

  3. GOODSTUFF says:

    Thanks Dude –

    “Since the accordion delivers such a powerful hypnotic spell towards the opposite sex, accordionists must be very careful when wielding this instrument. With great power comes great responsibility.” – GOODSTUFF

    More –

  4. HA! 😀
    Oh, and I wish that dude with the ’70’s hair and mustache would remove his accordion! 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  5. tidiousted says:

    PS – Love that last one. Hope I end up with a harp 😀

  6. tidiousted says:

    Well, honestly, i’m not into the accordion really, you know 😉

  7. ktz2 says:

    Naked Guy’s name is Quim, that’s one you never hear. Sounds like maybe slang for chum shark bait…I can imagine smartass British guys calling someone a quimmer, like wanker

  8. ktz2 says:

    YIKES.. so much is disturbing here.. Naked Guy with an accordion, w t f !
    Lawrence Welk trying to be hip for ‘the young people of today.’ .No.No.No. By chance tonight I crossed paths with an old video of the Wah Watusi song given the LW treatment.. I’m gonna have nightmares now hahah

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