The Pecking Order

I don’t have anything
against chickens,
I really don’t.

Bad eyesight is
a big pain
in the ass,
whether you’re
a people or
a poultry.

Sure, I know
it doesn’t
matter too much,
when it comes to
down to the Colonel’s bucket…….

But I’d still like to know
that they’ve got 20/20 vision
while they’re scoping out
each other in the barnyard.

Unfortunately, that’s not
what this next vintage
invention is really about.

Yes, they are
‘chicken eye-glasses’.

chickens can be
mean little fuckers —

And one way the
‘pecking order’ in a
group is established
is by them pecking
each other’s eyes out.


A big problem, really.

So, anyhoo —

These little rose colored
eyeglasses were invented
to prevent that.

And the only reason
I know that, is
because I came
across a pair of
them in a Kentucky
antique store, and
laughed at the guy
when he told me
what they were.

But, as funny
as it sounds,
they did work –
and are still in
use around the
world for that purpose.

this place is
downright weird, ain’t it?


11 thoughts on “The Pecking Order

  1. julespaige says:

    This post helped inspire this fiction piece:
    Plucky Plight

  2. julespaige says:

    I’ve been a little distracted so I’ve just getting round to this…
    I do like “Motherclucker” —

    I think some famous people wore rose colored glasses…I thought that was just to prevent you from seeing their bloodshot eyes.

    Plucking fun post!

  3. Motherclucker, that’s wild!!! 😮
    Well, whatever works! 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  4. Brett says:

    Makes you wonder how it is that someone figured out that glasses like that on chickens would reduce their fighting and how much trial and error that took (or maybe some eureka moment). Gotta love people’s weirdness. 🙂

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