Beer Battles

worthyPart of being a
resident smart ass
is having stuff fly
back at you when
you least expect it, man.

but it’s true.

I’m sitting in a tavern,
here in the lovely
Queen City of the South,
trying several kinds of ales
that had just been introduced.


One of the things
I like to do
with my friendssurply
sometimes is
a balls to the wall
kinda comparison
of different styles
of beers and ales…….

so I’ve got four lined up
right there in front of me
on the bar .

Take a sip outta one —

mmmm– a little bitter,
but nice carbonation.

Take a sip outta another —

ok– way too sharpbuttface
and nutty for my palate.

Take a wank
at the third —
and it tastes like
somebody’s gym socks.

And I say so.

Suddenly, a big hand
reaches out right in front
of me —
and just swipes
the third glass,
the one I just took
a drink out of.

“Well, if you don’t like it,
— I’ll drink it”,

says the culprit …

( forthwith to be referred to
as the ‘beer swiper’ )

It seems to me
that this
should somehow
qualify as an
ass-whipping offense….

but I did have
three more glasses
in front of me,
so I let it go.

Except that he came
back for another one.

“Any others you
don’t want?”
he says.ay

You know the rest.

So anyhoo….

Thanks to everybody
who asked how I was doing….

I’m just about back
to my old obnoxious self.


But beer is something important –
— something worth fighting for —
— and don’t you
ever doubt that.

I wouldn’t kid you.

And to prove it,
there’s a place
in Bruxelles, Belgium
called the
‘Delerium Tremens Bar’-

— across from the Jeanneke Pis fountain–
( ….. just look for the pink elephant )
that carries over 2300 different types.

2300 !!!!!

that’s a lotta brewski.poly

And, if you end
up going in there,
you really won’t even have
to know exactly what
brands you want to try.

Just tell the bartender
what flavors you like,
and she’ll find you one
that’s just right.

Or more than one.

They’re very friendly in there,
and speak better English1a
than Yer Ole Uncle Nuts.

So they’ll accommodate you.

And I promise,
you really will be amazed
at the selection, man.

Even if you’re one of
them there freaky weirdoes
who likes Brussels Sprouts.

Brussels Sprouts Ale .


:-O bananabread

But if you’re looking
to avoid possibly turning
bright green
after just one sip of this
questionable concoction……….

Well, how about
a nice fruit flavor ?
– I dunno –
– maybe like LEMON ?

There is a Lambic made
by the Belgian Brewery De Troch
called “Chapeau Lemon Lambic”
which I absolutely adore.

Lambic is a sour style of beer
that is spontaneously fermentedchili
and flavored by fruits that
compliment it’s natural tartness.

That means you’ll find Lambics
flavored by raspberries, oranges,
black currants, strawberries,
as well as apples, plums, et al.

Of course I won’t leave off
another of my favorites,
— sour cherries.

This style is called Kriek,
and is something
you must try if you can.sheep

Any good size beer distributor
should carry a version of it.

Put it in a cooler
and take some on a picnic.

Be sure you’re not driving ,

The stuff will sneak up on you
like some kinda Beer Swiper
from outer space.


HOY !!!!!




10 thoughts on “Beer Battles

  1. ktz2 says:

    I’m not a beer/ale/lager connoisseur, hardly — but one I tried in curiousity, and liked, is Pyramid Apricot Ale. It’s local here but widely available as a craft beer. Not too strong tasting or bitter, nor overwhelming, but ‘different’.

  2. I won’t doubt that!
    Love the labels, ads, logos, bottles and cans you shared!
    Ha! “cans”… *snort* 😀
    HUGS!!! :_)

  3. mislucja says:

    The lambic sounds interesting! 🙂

    Had a friend in Maryland who used to drink Delerium Tremens all the time. At the old Washington Spy, r.i.p. The Belgian beers were great.

    Oddly enough a different boss (and the hubs) like Arrogant Bastard. Hm.

    But brussels sprouts beer? THAT is an ass-whoopin’ offense right there, fella! LOL

  4. Very picky about my beer. I don’t want anything fruity, veggie or sweet. Just set me up with Stella Artois if I feel like a Lager or good ol’ Michelob Ultra if I feel like a pale. My trouble is, I actually have taste buds. Beer tastes range so wildly. Beer has a good center taste, if I go one end of the scale or to the other end, it can only taste like crap.

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