Sunday Morning Music

farfHiya Friends.

I hope you’re having a groovy weekend.

Now that the summer season is upon us,
maybe it’s time
we give ourselves a new vibe.

A new summer of love.

I am talking about
love, baby.

Today’s Music Post is
all about classic love songs.

Some of these you’ll
recognize immediately….

Others you may have forgotten,
or maybe never even heard before ..

But they’re all magic.


Like this one:
from 1971 –

Sixto Rodriguez —
I Think of You


I bet you probably
have heard
this lovely song, if perhaps,
a very long time ago —

Fifth Dimension —
Day By Day


You Stevie Nicks fans probably
have heard the album
version of this piece,
— but how about this one?

Fleetwood Mac — 
Silver Spring (Ballad Version )


I love this piece,
from this very sultry lady:
Crystal Gayle —
” Brown Eyes Blue “


Sometimes, live versions
you more about a song
than you ever would expect.

The Police –
Every Breath You Take (live-2008)


The sweetest voice of the
Mamas and the Papas still rings real and true,
despite her passing some 30 years ago.

Cass Elliott —
It’s Getting Better


Love can be complicated, you know….

From his breathtaking solo album ” On An Island” —

David Gilmour —
Where We Start


I wish they’d do a
decent remix of this next piece —

Their record company
has done remixes ,
but they all pale in
comparison to the original vinyl.

And this Canadian band never
really got the respect it deserved.

Lighthouse —
The Love of a Woman / One Fine Morning


Remember that point
I made earlier about live versions sometimes?

Here’s more proof :

Van Morrison —
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You- Live ”


This piece always breaks my heart.

The Cure — ” A Thousand Hours 


Despite the bad press,
Wham made some great music —

Wham ! —
Careless Whisper – Extended Mix


As y’all can see ,
I love extended versions,
and these next ones are favorites.

Billy Ocean —
” Caribbean Queen


Spandau Ballet —
 Gold – Extended Version  ”


Al Jarreau —
” After All ” 


Enough of this mellow stuff……

Let’s wrap it up with
the inimitable Henry Rollins —

The Rollins Band — ” All I Want


Here’s our playlist of the week:

Two Hours of:
Kool and The Gang !!!!






4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Music

  1. Ah! Love songs! I love love songs! And you picked some of the best ones, C! 🙂
    Man, I love Henry Rollins! 🙂
    HUGS and ❤ and Happy Whee–kend!!! It's been WHEE-Y here! YAY! 😛

  2. dievca says:

    Excellent — was kinda digging “Lighthouse” for a Sunday Morning.

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