Static Stats

” How long can you keep it up? “

I don’t know
how many
of my fellow
follow their ‘Stats’ page….

I try not to,
because it
usually makes
me crazy,
trying to figure
out what any
of it means,
as regards to
whether or not
our readers
like certain
kinds of posts.

When, at times,
I struggle
for a topic,
I will look
at the stats page
—  hoping for
any sign
of inspiration,
like a 50 cent
in the darkness —
and usually only
come away
completely carnfuzzled.

Of course, it’s not like
there’s an amazing
variety of genres
here on the
Muscleheaded Blog
from which to
choose from,
in the first place —

–you basically got
pin-ups, humor,
a bit of history,
vintage stuff, and
thinly veiled
sexual references –

(spread as thin as mayo
on a dietetic sandwich)

— you’d think it’d be
easy enough to figure
out which ice cream
flavor is the one that
should be on
the window
as ‘today’s special’.

(And I hope for
fucks sake
it ain’t vanilla..)

But I guess it
goes to show
what diverse interests
drive those statistics–

Or how maybe
just how limited
my imagination
really is.

My blogging friend
Ann St Vincent
once in a while
will blog about
some of the weird
search phrases being
used by readers
before they land
on her site —

– and after considering
how off-beat mine have
been lately, I’m reasoning
that a bit of diversification
may just be called for.

Let’s see —
I guess we could do
funny, thinly veiled
historical pin-ups .

who said
I couldn’t
think outta
the box, ay ???

today we’ve got a
featured vintage
postcard artist post
for you.

The artist was
a Brit, named
William Stocker Shaw. 

He did his best work
(mainly for postcards)
between 1900 and 1920.

I’m sure you’ve seen
a bit of his work here
on the Muscleheaded
Blog already,
but today,
we’ve got some of
his best postcards.

A few of these
artworks have the
caption on the
addressee side
of the card,
which is why
they are separately

I hope you enjoy them,
and would be interested
in hearing what unusual
things you’ve seen in your
stats page !

!! HOY !!


” This’ll teach her to be stingy with tips. “



11 thoughts on “Static Stats

  1. Ha! I don’t look at my stats page…I think I should probably do that once in awhile.
    I do know I get more comments when I write something serious rather than something funny. Which baffles me, because I love to write funny. And I mostly write funny. 😀
    But, I guess it’s because people are kind and want to share encouraging words when life takes a serious turn. 🙂
    Mr. Shaw’s artwork is so cool! My fav is the “How many can you take?!”
    I would answer, “How many you got!? Ha! I can take all of them!” 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • Hahahahahaha — I bet that would win the argument ! 😀

    • Mrs Fever says:

      That’s interesting, re: more commentary on your serious-type blog posts. I find that if I write seriously, on emotional or not-sexy topics, my views plummet and very few people engage. The exception being when I choose to take a prompt topic for a ‘serious’ spin. But then I think I just get comments from other people who participated in the same prompt who are trying to be nice/supportive.

      Humor, on the other hand, tends to get ‘Likes’ as opposed to comments.


      • Yes, I’m with you on that- ‘likes’ far outnumber ‘comments’ on humor posts …. I have always wanted a more interactive blog, but it’s mostly 20 or so folks who feedback with comments… not bad, I guess – but certainly not ‘interactive’.

      • That is interesting. And all of this stat stuff is interesting to think about. 🙂

        As for my serious blogs that got a lot of comments…it’s been blogs about my cancer journey (which I rarely post on), or some other painful or scary happening in my life. I think people are just so kind, and they want to express their concern and love…which makes for a lot of comments. 🙂

        I used to post more sexual stuff than I do now, although I still write about sex and love and just don’t post it. I do post some of my sexual poems once in awhile. Mostly I post funny stuff! Like my latest post on my quriks. 😀

        Thanks for your comments, Mrs. Fever! 🙂
        Is it hot in here, or is it just you! 😉 😛 🙂
        Carolyn 🙂

  2. mislucja says:

    Oooh …. that last one is evil! 😀
    Love this artist too. I remember seeing him here and there but never knew the name ….


  3. julespaige says:

    Truthfully I’m not sure what the stats mean. You could see who stopped by from what country, but if someone doesn’t take the effort to actually make a comment- then are we just being informed of who is possibly stealing our material? And what about the spam? At least most of the time the spam filter does work. Though you have to delete that pile up every once in a while.

    Nice post cards. There are always several ways to look at stuff. Remember Statistics can be bent to favor whatever it is that is being figured.

    Here is one definition of statistics: The science of producing unreliable facts from reliable figures. Evan Esar
    Read more at:

    • 😀 Hahahaha — you’re probably right, but remember that a poll of 10% of internet users who spent 20% of their time online found that 80% of statistics are 70% made-up, with another 10% being represented by pure unadulterated millarkey. 😀

  4. Mrs Fever says:

    I used to get quite amusing search terms, but the amount of data mining and Big Brother-ness implicit in the gathering of such information has come under scrutiny, which has resulted in less of that type of info being available. (Unless you want to use Google analytics, which I don’t.)


    I’ve had “please fuck fuck in” (more than once!) and “shhhh orgasm” appear in my search term stats recently. So *obviously* I’m all about shorgasms, and a lil somethin’ somethin’. 😉

    I like to look at what people are clicking on. So when I include links in my posts, I check my stats to see if folks are bothering with them. But otherwise I don’t find my general blog stats particularly helpful.

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