More Chat-astrophies

Yes, just
when you
thought it
was safe
to start
texting again–

here on the
Muscleheaded Blog,
it’s time once again
for more “Chat-ast-rophies” .

It could happen
to anybody,
I guess….

You’re minding
your own business,
simply sending
a totally innocent
text message
to somebody,
and somehow 1a
things go all to hell
in a handbasket,
and toute suite.

Hooo boy,
and how.

Sometimes it’s
the damnable
auto-correct —

(which I’ve tried
to suppress
but it seems to have
a mind of it’s own) —a1

Sometimes it’s due
to a mental goof ,

or typing too quickly…

oh hell,

… maybe it’s not
thinking too quickly.

And sometimesa3
one of the parties
in the conversation
is just not all
that bright.

Here’s hoping
it ain’t you or I.

(It couldn’t be, could it?)

But, there’s plenty
of evidence out there
in internet landa4
that somebody
out there,
indeed, is an idiot.

I posted some
like these last year
and we had
plenty of fun
with them….

So, consideringa5
how parched
my creative juices
have left me
tonight, maybe
now’s the time
to let some more
of them out
of the proverbial bag.

Mailbag, that is.

a7Of course,
it’s easy enough
to laugh at the people
who originally
sent these things….

And I’m having a
pretty good time
doing just that.

one must always
remember the
old adage
” There, but
by the grace
of God, go I “

Because we all
use this technology
in some way today,
and we can
all get burned
by it just as easily.

There’s a very thin linea9
between thinking
like a sentient,
intelligent being,

— and texting
like a senseless,
ignorant dolt.

One little screw up

We’re going to Disney
We’re going to Divorce” .

I’ll fix it up for you
I’ll fuck it up for you


over potatoes

Butt hurt
over your taters


Ok —

so, maybe
that last one
is a bit on the
unlikely side,

but still….

— Watch Out.





10 thoughts on “More Chat-astrophies

  1. mislucja says:

    Boy, some people will do ANYTHING for a good Scotch 😉
    Biscuit break …. that cracks me up ….!

    I think my phone is possessed. Autocorrect makes me say some awfully WEIRD stuff!

    This is fun 😉

  2. HA! Those text messages are so funny! 😀 😛
    I ❤ texting!!! I've had some error-ones that ended up to be funny. And I've written some weird ones just to be funny. Ha. 😀
    Cooper sends texts, too. He once sent a text to my kids and some of my friends saying, "Send a pack of hot dogs ASAP! Love, Cooper" 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. julespaige says:

    And…this is why I don’t text.
    Auto correct is a pain in the behind on documents in personal computers!

    Did you see the new trailer for the Emoji movie
    The one Smile face asks the nose if something stinks… and the brown pile sidesteps to the right…. eew!

  4. ktz2 says:

    ‘Daddy please kill the big black spider/ scary mean wasp’…I can see but wtf about a moth.. geez, what a crybaby

  5. ktz2 says:

    hahaha all gems. The homicidal moth one was hilarious… really, some daddy’s girl princess texts her daddy to kill a f– moth ?! OMFG – a M O T H !!

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