Fruit and Veggie Speak

remembering our post from Thursday, I guess that we do seem to be on a weird kind of fruity trip the last coupla
days …

— maybe we’ll throw some
veggies in there today,
and see if we can get
some kinda pyramid
going, I dunno……

it sounds kinda fun,
when ya put it like that…. 

As I said…..

Our post today features
some Fruit and Veggies —

But, it’s not of those
ponderous health-based
tomes on why you should
eat all the broccoli in
your favorite take-out
Stir-Fry dish —

— despite the fact that
the place you get it
from puts five times
more broccoli in the
dish than beef —

and that they should
call it “Broccoli and Beef”
instead of
“Beef and Broccoli”
if they’re gonna do that —

(hey, don’t blame me-
— I won’t touch the stuff)


today we’re going
much weirder-

— as we ask the
hard hitting questions
that’s on everyones’
mind these days —

What’s the language
of vegetables?

And : 

Does your favorite
fruit describe aspects
of your personality
bad habits
and/or love life?

Well, according
to several hundreds
of different
vintage postcard designs-

— yeah, sorta.

It’s all very
tongue in cheek,
you might say-
and some of the references
get pretty obscure.

Well, you can see
for yourself.

Mushrooms and Love —
” Thrive Best In The Dark” 


I dunno,
maybe they have
a point there.

Among the artists who
created postcards based
on this rather unusual
anthropomorphic theme
was the British illustrator
George Studdy, known
for his ‘Bonzo’ the dog

His vegetal postcards,
called “Fruity Fables”,
were so popular that
they ran into several
series over the years.

A favorite of mine is
“Aunt Gooseberry
Runs True To Type” —

Hey, we’ve all been
there, haven’t we?

You’ll find puns galore —

this card about
the language of apples —

true to the corps ?

Oh man,
that one makes you want
to start throwing them.

But I’m sure somebody
must have found it
a-peel-ling, I guess.


Now, whether anyone
can really learn anything
important about humanity,

-however botanical in nature-

from these cards,
or others like it,
is still up for question.

Collecting them
is fun, though —

They’re colorful and
speak to a much simpler time….

Even if you don’t
lose your leaf over them.

!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!!!





8 thoughts on “Fruit and Veggie Speak

  1. Love these cards and the artwork!
    Ha! Aunt Gooseberry is so cool! 🙂
    Who doesn’t love fruits and veggies?! And when they have faces, personalities, and things to say! YAY! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. mislucja says:

    Ha! I love the orange peel bikini!
    Fun 🙂

  3. ktz2 says:

    These cards are great.., the papa snap bean with the pram full of baby peas especially, clever. Inanimate objects humanized are just so weirdly fun.. I like the old kitchenware & utensil ones too.

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