Seen Through The Keyhole

If you saw yesterday’s
post, you probably
noticed the opening
picture, a ‘keyhole’
pin-up by Peter Driben.

here’s another
one of his to remind
you of what
it looked like.

I’m not really a huge
Peter Driben fan,
but the keyhole pin-ups are
deliciously era-specific
as far as ‘naughty’
concepts are concerned.

Completely innocuous
and still oh-so-gently-erotic.

Innocence is over-rated,
but don’t ever confuse the two.

She might not bite,
but then, you never know.

It kinda reminds me
of the time I asked the
meat guy at the supermarket
about the nickname he had
engraved on his butcher’s coat-
” Lucky ” —

he held up his hands
and said —
Still got ten fingers.”

why it reminds me
of that eludes me right now…..


Don’t you think
it’s interesting
how the risque-value of
certain idioms change
with technology ?

for instance.

Peeking through
key-holes has never
been a favorite
activity of mine,
— my aching back)
but it was a favorite
way of making
lewd insinuations
and funny-but-
suggestive captions
for postcards back in
the days of large keys .

(which explains the
large key-holes I guess.)

I dunno…..
It seems kinda
but who am I to argue
with a past generation’s
idea of ribald. 

And ,
oh sure-

If that keyhole was in
Valerie Bertinelli’s shower,
I’m not sure I wouldn’t
endeavor a little peakie myself.

a man can only
stand so much
temptation, ya know.

!!!! HOY !!!!




15 thoughts on “Seen Through The Keyhole

  1. vinnieh says:

    I like the teasing nature of these. They aren’t explicit but give you enough.

  2. I think these are cool!
    I’ve never been near a door that had a large keyhole to peep through. 😉 😛 Darn!
    “Lucky” the butcher! *snort* 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. There is possibly one or maybe even 2 whole generations that have never seen a keyhole in a door, let alone have tried peeking through one. Our house had them, I tried it but there is just too narrow field of view to make it worthwhile. Yes, it is Peeping Tom’ish. but these are sweet pictures. They hit the spot of most human’s voyeur and curious nature.

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