Oh Cheer Up

sunshineSure, you’ve
had those days….

You just ain’t feeling it,

—- for one reason
or another.

Circumstances can go haywire.

Devices can fail.late

Friends can forget you.

Muscles can ache for no apparent reason.

Rain clouds might decide
to downpour on your parade.

Ants may carry away your picnic.

Loved ones can
abuse their status,
or take it for granted.

The lights can go out,
just when you needexample
them the most.


People can be thoughtless,
or downright mean.

Purity changes into reductionism. cheerup7years

Enthusiasm turns into apathy.

Forgiveness is elusive.

Redemption seems impossible.

Gold bars turn to dust,
—- and it blows away
in a strong wind.

sometimes life just wants
to mess with you, man.

And you know that bus
rising above it,
— is all about attitude.

Knowing that, though —
— and implementing it —
are two birds of a very different feather.

Especially when the
dove of hope
seems to have pooped
on your statue.

So, the last thing you
need at that pointbet
are fucking platitudes.

And interestingly enough,
that’s all that
seems to be on offer —

as far as the rest
of the world
is concerned, anyway.blonde

It’s easy enough to
wallow around
in that unique combination
of self-pity and banal clichés
that probably goes far
to explain the exponential
increase in anti-depressant
medication use in the
United States —

I don’t like
or use them.best

When I get to
feeling that way,
I write myself a
prescription for some:

Heavy Lifts,
Quiet Meditation,
Long Rides,
Lazy Naps,
Hot Love,
Great Music,
Strong Coffee,
Stern Introspection,busted
and some
Favorite Old Movies.

A chaser of
some vintage pin-ups,
good literature,
a nip of bourbon
and a steak sandwich,
and I’m usually
right as rain.

But sometimes,
all the ingredients
to that particular formula
aren’t readily available.

So I ask you–

Can it be as easy
as a friend saying:

Cheer Up !!!!

Uh…. no,

I don’t think so.

Simple words have
no magic in that

Much more is needed.

I mean,

I know,
— they’re only trying to help.

But as I said,

I still prefer my
own prescription—

—– if I can get it,

and Cheer Up !!!!

















2 thoughts on “Oh Cheer Up

  1. yes, we all have THOSE days! 😦 :-/
    but, your self-written prescription is oh so GREAT! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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