Jovial Families

The whole dynamics
of family life may have
changed a great deal
over the years —

but I’m not sure
they were ever this weird.


I’m pretty sure
that bow-tied
character is
about to trim that pussy.

Interesting game concept.

I wonder how
many could play.

Today, a little reminder
that no matter how
strange we thought
that our ancestors were,
we’re probably under-
estimating it.

These cards are part
of a series of sets that
were popular both in
Britain and
the United States
between the 1860’s
and 1910’s —

Several companies
made them, and
they apparently
were used to play
a game pretty much
like “Go Fish ”
or Old Maid”
(Oh sure,
now I know
you remember them!)
game cards were.

The illustrations
are really out there –
even for the time.

I found a couple of
these at the local
stamp and print show,
at first,
I had no idea
just what the heck
they even were.

It’s a funny thing —
it used to be when
you made a vintage
‘discovery’ at a show
or shop, you’d have to
really know your stuff
in order to recognize
it’s collectibility,
and value–

all you need do
is just open
your phone browser
and look it up.

It does take some
of the magic and
mystery out of collecting,
but it also saves you
money in the long run
on the
“I thought that
was a great find”
things you used to
grossly over-pay for.

Still, no matter how
much these cards
are/aren’t really
worth in the
trading marketplace,
they are definitely right
up the
Muscleheaded Blog’s
alley as far as strange
and wonderful momentoes
of the past.

What you can really
learn about our
predecessors is
kinda dubious
though —

The noted professions
are interesting ….

Let’s just hope the
people in question
really didn’t look
like that.

!!!! HOY !!!!!



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