Warren Zevon says:

” Enjoy Every Sandwich ” 


5 thoughts on “Warren Zevon says:

  1. Good advice for life!

    Cheese, BLT, Tuna, Bologna, Turkey, Roast Beef, PB&J, Egg Salad, Werewolf sandwiches…and on and on… 😛 Ha! I’m thinking of Werewolves of London. 🙂

    I was sad when WZ died. I saw an interview in 2002 and he said that quote about sandwiches. He was so upbeat, even knowing he was dying. He died less than a year later. Loved him and miss him.

  2. ktz2 says:

    I recently re-watched the Letterman show where WZ was the honored only guest and made this statement.. emotional for everybody

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