Mailbag Madness

One of my
regular readers
was nice enough
to point out
that we haven’t
done a real cool
Mail-Bag post
in a couple weeks……

Or even
a lousy one.


you’re right,
and there are some
really neat-o things
in there, that I’ve
just been itchin’
to share.

so maybe that itch
would clear up by itself,
but still….

I can tell you
that my gym’s
A/C has been
out all week,
and I’m really
getting acclimated
to all this hot,
humid weather that
we’ve been getting here,
albeit involuntarily….

The pleasure of
just sitting in a
nice, cool office
writing about it
(instead of screaming at
the owner of the gym)
has made for a
rather bizarre mood
on my part….

Of course,
it’s also
5 in the morning,
which adds to the
whole idiosyncratic
feeling of the thing.

that might show
up in the post,
who knows.

I’m not sure.

Mentally stimulating?
Probably not.

Hmmmm… well?

But it’s sure to be
interesting, anyhoo.

Hey, John —

Get the gym’s
FIXED, man !!!!!!!!



10 thoughts on “Mailbag Madness

  1. Hope your gym’s AC is fixed soon! Yikes, a whole lotta’ sweatin’ goin’ on! 😮 😀
    Love the postcards, comics, and definition! Ha! 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. Paloma says:

    The f word reminds me of Bowser and Blue:

  3. Paloma says:

    Yeesh … hope they get that AC fixed!
    First card is scary . But the “big parts” image makes my dirty mind giggle in sooooo many ways 😀

  4. She must have been in Oregon getting gas.

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