Dear Buzz The Mechanic

This is normally
the time of the month
for “Suzie Wonder
Answers Your
Questions About Love” —

unfortunately for us,
Miss Suzie Wonder
is off gallivanting
somewhere on vacation,
so Buzz The Mechanic
will answer the “love”
questions today.

Buzz is an Ace Mechanic —
— hot rods are his specialty–
and he’s been chompin’
at the bit to write his
own column on the
Muscleheaded Blog ,
so, he’s
gonna fill in for Suzie.

One of his favorite tools
is an air hammer,

so, I’m thinking,
as far as subtlety goes
at least, that you
probably won’t
even be able to tell the

We’ve done a bit of editing
to make the whole thing
a bit more ,
oh, just go ahead and
read the damn
things, wouldya ?

(we only got one –
Suzie must have
ripped up the rest)


Dear Suzie (BUZZ):

As a woman (MAN) I’m sure
you’ll be able to relate to
this issue I’m having
with my husband.
He spends 12 hours a day
in the garage working on
his car, complaining it’s
under-powered and slow.
He’s got engine parts spread
out all over the garage, the kids
can’t get to their bikes, and
he never has any time for
my many relatives who
are constantly visiting.
What’s up ?

Constance in Cowtown.


Dear Cowtown Constance,
I would definitely suggest
a valve job — new rings
and pistons with a fuel
injector setup should make
a general improvement in
As for the many visitors,
if he adds some noisy
headers, he can rev
the engine up and run
those folks off quick.
A nice beer cooler
out there in the
garage is also a good
way to keep him get
organized and focus
on the tasks at hand,
especially since the
kids can’t get out
there now, anyway.

Glad to be of help.
Suzie. BUZZ.



2 thoughts on “Dear Buzz The Mechanic

  1. HA! 😀 Great response, Buzz!
    Oh…and the photos are cool!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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