The 1948 Tucker ’48’

Preston Tucker was
a real innovator –

that, no one in the
know even questions.

He was heavily involved
in automobile racing
since the early 1930’s,
and during World War II
developed a high speed
armored combat vehicle
for the Dutch army,
a swiveling turret mechanism
for the U.S. Navy, and a
fighter aircraft for the
U.S. Army Air Corps.

He also started plans
for a brand new kind of car –

one that could put a lot of
the technological breakthroughs
of war-time into practical
peace-time application.

This car,
the 1948 Tucker ’48’
– was certainly different –
a directional third headlight
that would follow the radius
of the steering wheel aided
the driver in cornering at night –
a roll bar and a specially
constructed protective
safety frame –
along with a ‘pop-out’
shatterproof windshield,
a padded dash and a collision
‘crash chamber’ built in .

The emergency brake
even had a separate key to prevent theft.

The ’48’  had been
loosely based on
the designs for the Tucker “Torpedo”
(which never actually
went into production)
but the production model ’48’
lacked certain innovations
from the Torpedo that would
have given the car an even
more interesting edge –

— like doors that wrapped
up into the roof,
a centrally positioned
steering wheel,
and front fenders
that turned when the
car was cornering.

The introduction of the car ,
along with a lot of pomp
and circumstance,
also had
it’s…. well, problems

— the prototype couldn’t be
started on its own power,
two suspension arms broke,
and it overheated as it was
driven onto the platform.

These kinds of issues
contributed to giving
consumers the impression
that perhaps the Tucker wasn’t
all that well constructed.

Still, the car was striking  –
and was making
Ford and GM
very, very nervous.

It caused enormous
pressure on them,
and they in turn
brought it back to bear
on the new company.

To make the difficulties on
the release of the new Tucker
even worse-

— certain advertising claims,
and wonky project fund raising
helped bring charges of fraud
by the Securities Exchange Commission –

— charges which Tucker was
later cleared of, but the
damage was done –

And in the end,
the Tucker ’48’ was gone before it
really had a chance to get started.

Only 51 production vehicles
were ever produced…

and their value at auction
has consistently held around
over a million dollars a piece
for the last couple of years.

!!! HOY !!!


2 thoughts on “The 1948 Tucker ’48’

  1. mislucja says:

    Great car … no wonder I haven’t seen any!

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