Sunday Morning Music

Hiya !
Nice to see you!

Today’s request day
on the Sunday Morning
Music Post —
and we’ve some
great ones lined up !

For instance:

The lovely Mrs. Fever had a
couple fun ideas :

The Cars
” Just What I Needed ”


Simon and Garfunkel —
” Hazy Shade of Winter ”


Heather wanted a couple of
wonderful vintage pieces:

“Ventura Highway”


Ten Years After:
“I’d Love to Change the World”


and The Hollies:
“The Air that I Breathe”


My friend C mentioned this one:
Beach Boys :
” I Wasn’t Born For These Times ”


My pal Katie suggested this next one,
— and it’s a goodie.

Eric Clapton —
” Promises ”


My buddy Scooter wanted this one:
Beach Boys :
” Don’t Worry Baby ”


and DSS wanted more
Ruby Starr :
“Did It Again  ”


I got a nice email from a lady
who’d like to hear more
Van Morrison:
” Wild Honey ”


Van Morrison :
” It’s All In The Game ”



I think I’m caught up with
requests …. so let’s see what
else I can work up here….

When you’re ready for
a song to stir your soul,
Ole Blue Eyes has a whole
catalog of music
that’ll fill the bill.
Like this one:

Frank Sinatra —
I’ve Got You Under My Skin


Diane Shuur can put notes together
that most singers would never attempt-

And you can see what I mean in this piece.

Diane Shuur —
Louisiana Sunday Afternoon


I remember when
Maurice White
passed last year..
what a loss.

Earth, Wind and Fire —
All In The Way


A lyric that can resound
with just about anyone
makes for a memorable song:

“Being without you
is all a big mistake,
instead of getting any easier,
it’s the hardest thing to take ”

Chicago — ” Hard Habit To Break


Here’s a very cool piece —

It’s very down-beat,
and there’s something
about the saxophone
that makes it really
move you.

Illinois Jacquet —
Harlem Nocturne


Speaking of Jazz…
Yeah, sure we were, man.
Miss Sarah Vaughan
had no equal
when it came to
singing songs like this.

Sarah Vaughan — “ Misty


Ok —
she was under-rated,
and pretty much
ignored by most folks.

I have no idea, man –

I think she was great.
(sure, a bit of a crush….
what can I say,
— an outcast girl with
a beautiful voice
always did grab my attention )

Laura Nyro —
La La Means I Love You


Love songs have to have
a depth of sincerity and passion
to really sing directly to the heart…

Forget the fancy footwork
and dance moves —
Listen to the voice.

I really feel the work of
these next two artists,
and I think you will too….


Glady Knight and the Pips —
Neither One of Us
( ok, never mind
I always had a crush
on her, too —
and I just love her
chicken and biscuits.  )


Harold Melvin and
the BlueNotes —
I Miss You


The ‘Disco’ bands of the 70’s
weren’t always about ‘boogieing down’….
There were some really lovely,
romantic, soulful songs in that decade.

Like this one :

Heatwave — ” Always and Forever


I love this song —
and although most folks
have never heard it, or her —

I’d stack this lady’s voice up
against any of the currently
more popular singers.

She’s got the voice of an angel –
which I guess is no wonder,
since she was a Sunday School teacher.

Oleta Adams —dog
Get Here


Our album of the week is here —

Michael Franks —
Time Together


And our featured playlist is here:

Al Jarreau —
Love Songs


Have a groovy week !!!!!!





6 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Music

  1. Love all the vids! Great choices, Muscleheaded-Blog-People! 😀

    I’ve been listening to Jeremy Adamiak over the weekend.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. ktz2 says:

    ‘She makes me come alive and makes me wanna drive when she says -don’t worry, baby, everything will turn out alright, don’t worry, baby…’
    ..god that lyric just kills me

  3. ktz2 says:

    Chock full of goodies as usual.. you have me for Promises/Clapton..I don’t even remember mentioning that one…which is not to say I didn’t, though. The next one Don’t Worry Baby was maybe me instead? Either way, no matter, both very fine records

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