Football And Spooning

I know that around
the New Year, a lotta
folks turn their attention
to the noble sport of

Of course, most folks
overseas don’t think
of the same thing
when they think of

we call THAT
game soccer.


I say, if you don’t need
a mouth guard, helmet
and pads, you ain’t hitting
and being hit hard enough
for it to be real football.

But my European, Asian
and South American friends
do go just as ape-shit for
their game as we do ours.

So be it, man.

Our American football
has a long and storied
history –

especially College Football.

Although I am not
exactly what you’d
call a team-sports
fanatic, I do still fly the
blue and gold when
Notre Dame is playing
in a big bowl game,
and I ain’t ashamed
of that, one damn bit.

I used to be a Miami
Hurricanes fan, too,
until I just couldn’t
stand any more
showboating, baiting, and
unsportsmanlike conduct —

sure, the green’s a bit
different, but I liked it
cause they were the local
college team for me
as a teenager.

But, Sebastian’s flying
a bit low these days,
if you ask me.

Still, football has been
very, very good to me.

Ok, so that’s not the
right reference, is it?

Well, in a way it is —
my buddy Big Mike
saw my blog on
baseball and spooning,
and realized that he had
some football ones just
like that.

And voila.

A post about vintage
football-spooning cards.

Life’s good.

I have looked
high and low
for the rest of the set,
if there is any ‘rest’,
( I dunno )
and I haven’t
come up with em-

but if you have one
or more,
I’d love to get
my greedy eyeballs
on em –

— if you can manage
to email me
a piccie or two.

But either way,
we got some cool
ones today
to share.

I hope you
enjoy em.

!!!!! HOY !!!!!!





2 thoughts on “Football And Spooning

  1. Those cards are such fun!
    I love football and spooning! And spooning and football! And football! And spooning! 😛
    Do you know if they made these cards about any other sport…??? You know, there are a few sports that lend themselves to touchdown/homerun, etc., analogies. 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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