Now that we have that
whole V.D (Valentines Day) thing safely behind us for another year —

some folks might be wonderin’
just what all the hub-bub was
all about, anyhow ……

After all, there are still
plenty of folks out there
who are independent,
individuals who
have suffered absolutely no holes
anywhere near their
hearts from the
slings and arrows
of that outrageous
butt-insky guy Cupid .

The poor slobs.

(paging Bill S,
paging Bill S —
your classic prose is being all muddled
and hashed up
again. )

And I don’t why the
guy can’t, at the very
least, give folks
an instruction guide along
with the arrow punctures,
because there sure a lot of
people who don’t seem to
know what to do with all

… well, shall we say,
extra energy.

Desire isn’t really one
of those things that
you can just take
out of a box,
and not even
glance at the assembly

R.T.F.M , man.

Of course, like I was sayin’,
it’d help to even have one,

Well, your Ole Uncle Nuts 
has got your back , brother.


Whether these reference
materials from the early 1900’s will actually
help you or not…..



I can’t make any
promises, ya know.

But you can always
fall back on
rule number 14:

in love,
like in life,
smile and : 

whatever you can
do well, — – do it – –

whatever you can’t
do well, well, then,
just go ahead and
dazzle ’em with bullshit.

!!!! HOY !!!


13 thoughts on “Flirtations

  1. HA! True dat! 🙂

    Ha, this reminds me of the signals a baseball coach or catcher gives. And then if the dude has to scratch his butt or rub his ear, you’re like, “Dude! What does that mean?!” 😛

    Flirting is fun! But being direct is often best! No room for wondering! 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. dievca says:

    OMG – I could never keep up with the signals….I’d be telling someone to jump in a lake and have no idea!

  3. Mrs Fever says:

    Oh my goodness, the COMPLICATIONS! I’d end up rearranging my silverware and accidentally ask someone to marry me. 😛

  4. Jules says:

    Only problem now the stamps guide there is that if your stamps aren’t in the top right, then moving top left … however you put them on the system will toss you out. They don’t like it when you’ve got stamps where they aren’t supposed to be. And now there are so many regulations on the size and shapes of envelopes much less packages.

    And a little FYI did you know that if you mail an envelope with a metal clasp you get an extra charge… yep, you do. They have to handle that separately because the sorting machines don’t like what they can’t bend.

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