Mad Mailbag Madness

One of the things that
drives me absolutely crazy
about watching television
is this trend toward ads
with screaming guys tellin’
you how great their stupid
product is –

– if it’s so great,
why do you
gotta scream
the name of
it in my ear
10 times during
a 30 second spot?

I guess I’m used to it
with lousy used car dealers
and gadgety laundry soap –

– but now even fast food
places are doing it.

Man, even if I believed
all that crap about having
‘all the meats’, their
damned announcer has
put my appetite for it
on deep hold.

I do remember the place
from when I did eat in
places like that, and they
don’t exactly represent a
good memory.

Frozen pressed meat and
‘roast beef’ are always going
to constitute two entirely
different types of thing
for me, even if the rest of
the world is ready to accept
it as being the same.

Now, you might be
wondering what this
has to do with our post
topic today, and I’ll be
totally Frank with you..

(or Dean,
Mel, Charlie,
or Tom,
— or —
anybody else you’d
rather pretend that
I am if it’s going to
get you off )

.. and tell you that it don’t
have a damned thing to
do with it.

( Although I do a very good
“Sinatra’s Swinging Session”
imitation –
— I even got the right hat ).

No, I’m just doing
my usual weekly
‘running of the mouth’
while I figure how to make
these really cool vintage
postcards that we have in
the mailbag today fit together in one tight
little package.

Like that’s
gonna happen.


Do think about that
hat thing, though —

— I’m available for parties
and stuff, ya know.

Sure, I can try
and do
‘funky’ too —
give me a
bass guitar,
a wig,
some sequins,
and you’d
still swear I wasn’t
Verdine White.

I’d try, though.

And you gotta
give a man credit
for trying.


!!! HOY !!!


2 thoughts on “Mad Mailbag Madness

  1. These are great!
    Love the “baking at night” one! 😀
    HUGS!!! 😛

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