One Bad Habit After Another

It seems that there
are folks who believe
that it’d be just
wonderful if all
the ‘bad habits‘ of
the world could
be just bundled up
and burned at a
huge bonfire……

They might even
throw in some of
the books and art
they don’t like while
they’re at the whole
cleanin’ up the
world thing.

But, hey…..

I don’t have
against vice.

I don’t ask for a
perfect world–

Not only because a little
imperfection here and
there really does make
the world an
interesting place, and
people in general much
more interesting, too —

( nose pickin and public
ass scratchin not included,
of course )

mainly because what
one guy might think is
a ‘vice’ might be just
my cup of mocha java.

And ain’t nobody big
and bad enough to
wrassle away my
precious morning
coffee mug from
me, I promise.

Rock and roll
a ‘bad influence’ ?


Dancing is a
moral crime
to some folks.

(it is a sin-
but only
when I do it)

And believe it or not,
some people consider
pin up art a vice .

( Check the complaints
in my email if you don’t
believe me )

Is fatty food like bacon
and barbecued pork butt
a vice?

( Hey- don’t forget the
hush-puppies, man ! )

Sure, there’s folks
that think that.

And they’re happy
to tell you all about
it, too.

Crazy talk, I say.

Which tells you
that there’s no
for taste,
or the lack thereof.

And more importantly,
just how silly the whole
thing can get.

That said,
vice is one of
them there things
that a person has
to handle with
extreme delicacy and
moderation —

A little taste of bourbon
might sweeten what was
a very long, hard day –

– but a whole bottle at one
sitting will probably just
make you an obnoxious

And nobody wants that.

Cause we got plenty
of those already.

It seems like those
‘anti-vice’ folks have
quite a number of ’em,



14 thoughts on “One Bad Habit After Another

  1. Oh, they do! Ha! They just love to point fingers at other people.

    Between 2 vices, I always pick the 1 I haven’t tried yet. 😉 *snort* 😛
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. Mrs Fever says:

    Things I learned from this post:

    {1} Don’t try to wrestle Musclehead’s mug in the morning. (Though he may enjoy having other bits wrestled with.)

    {2} Don’t attempt to count taste. (Perhaps because counting touches is more fun.)

    Things I wonder after reading this post:

    {1} Mr Musclehead believes a little bit of vice is okay. Does this rule apply to ad-vice?

    {2} And what if the vice is of the Miami variety? Is there a Don Johnson amendment to this rule?

    • Feve: Wow– that makes it sound very instructional alright. Which is amazing, cause I don’t KNOW anything. But, still.

      1: That part about my coffee — it only applies when there’s more than .004ml left in the bottom of the mug. Other things are always open for the occasional toss around, of course. 😀

      2: No- taste is a lost cause. Send More Chuck Berry.

      3: Advice is always appreciated as long as no one expects it to be taken. 😀

      4: There’s no vice in Miami I haven’t already gotten very bored of- except the Cuban coffee. 😀

      PS: 🙂 I loved your comment. 🙂

  3. “Gin O’clock”, man that brings back memories.

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