The 1961-1963 Lincoln Continental

Another of my all-time
favorite cars is starring
on today’s car post —

the stunning early
1960’s Lincolns —

Continental of course,
because Continentals
were the only cars Lincoln
produced during a 16 year
span, between 1961 and 1976.

The 1961, 1962 and 1963
Lincoln Continentals were
part of the brand’s fourth
generation, and their classic
good looks are so refined
that they might make one
forget that they have been
also described as ” the finest
mass-produced domestic
automobile of it’s time “.

Lincoln Motor Division
had been struggling
in the late 1950’s –
in order to survive,
the new fourth generation
model, due in 1961, would
have to deliver on distinctive
looks, durable build quality,
and better handling and performance.

Elwood Engel, Vice President of Ford Development, had been working on a cutting edge design for the third generation Thunderbird, and the plans were soon brought to fruition –
— not on the 2 door T-Bird,
but on the new 4 door
Continental instead –
the T-Bird uni-body was
stretched to accommodate
a 123 inch wheelbase that was
still shorter than the previous
model’s 131 inches.

It was available in four door sedan and convertible
versions only –
and equipped with a 430 c.i
big block V-8 making over
300 horsepower –
and a 3 speed
automatic transmission
was standard.

One thing most folks
remember about the
fourth generation Lincolns
were the suicide doors-

Continental’s rear doors
were hinged at the back
for looks, ease of access
and maintenance:

they were called ‘suicide doors’
because “…a reverse-hinged
door, if accidentally opened
in a moving car, would be
flung wide by the road wind,
making it easier for a
passenger to fall <or jump> out.”

Lincoln’s Continental line during this period also included the first and
only post WW-II
American-made four
door convertible –
made until 1967.

My personal passion for
these cars began in the
late 1970’s –

I owned a 1962 Continental that had well over 100,000 miles on it — and I still went
cross country with it —

– it was gorgeous,
drove like a cloud,
had room to spare,
and was mechanically
bullet proof.

Best of all, the girls loved it.

Of course, it only got about
13 miles to a gallon of gas –
but dependability was much
more important to me then,
and it still is today.

A friend of mine owns a ’62 just like my old black beauty,
and he has kept it
very original —

other than replacing the old
rear drum brakes with disks —

and it does my heart good to
hear him talk about how
dependable the car still is,
and how many looks
the car still gets.

A man could do a lot
worse, let me tell you.

!! HOY !!


8 thoughts on “The 1961-1963 Lincoln Continental

  1. Cool look sleek lines…I wanna’ go for a ride!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. Brett says:

    I love the back door swinging out from the rear.

  3. GP Cox says:

    That was one s-m-o-o-t-h ride!!

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