Scurryfunging and Other Activities

If you’re like me,
(and why would you be)
you might like using
big, obsolete words
so nobody will ever
understand just what
the hell you’re talking

it’s no crime
to be pedantic.

Just be careful
with your pronunciation
and not to mis-spell it.

But I warn you…..
using obsolete words
takes practice,
lots and
lots of it.

Try using a term
like : scurryfunging
in a sentence and
you’ll see what I mean.

As in:
” the lovers were busy
scurryfunging as their
spouses banged on
the bedroom door. “


I’m all ‘purfled
just thinking
about the possibilities.

As in:
lustfully breathless.

I’m a ‘malapert’
what can I say ?

The truth is:
Once you master the
art of ‘sesquipedalianism‘,
( using unnecessarily big,
multisyllabic words )
people will go ‘albescent’
(pale) with envy.

Or not.

Maybe I’ve just been
feeling a bit lethophobic’
( to fear oblivion )
about seeing these great
old words go the way of
the dinosaur……

And that’s why I’ve
been so busy
(deeply meditating upon)
doing another one of
these obsolete term posts…..

Even though,
the chances
of any of my readers
getting to actually use
any of em in an
intelligible conversation
could be expressed by
negative-10 times the
( to the eighth power )

those are
some long odds, man.


!! HOY !!



4 thoughts on “Scurryfunging and Other Activities

  1. Now these are the words they should be teaching in Vocabulary Classes! 😉
    HUGS!!! 😀

  2. Jules says:

    Words can be so convivial.
    ‘nuf said… ‘ 😉

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