The Dog Days Of Summer

It’s summer time —

— that’s no
bummertime —

happy days
and sunshine

melt the icy
of snow.

so it’s
not Shelley,
I’ll admit.

More like
Steve Miller…. 

which is why
I dropped
the verse
after 4 lines.

one must admit a
grudging admiration
for the stifling heat
of summer in
contrast to the
bitter cold we had
this last winter.

If one more pocket
philosopher informs
me that it’s :
“not the heat,
it’s the humidity”
I’m gonna shove a
thermometer some
where they’re going
to have a difficult
time retrieving same.

90- 100% humidity
is, indeed, a factor
that we regularly
deal with here in the
South –

usually with dignity…

– cause we’re kinda
used to it, if such
a thing was really

At such levels,
the sweat is
sucked out of your
pores so fast it doesn’t
really have time to cool
your body —

Basically, it’s just nature’s
way of making you feel
like a damp, smelly gym
sock all summer long.

Even my dog thinks I
smell bad at this time 
of year.

And in case
you were wonderin’,
Daisie Doggie is doing
fine —

she’s got her spot picked
out on the couch, right
in front of the window
air conditioner in my 
study, where she then
simply requires a blanket
to keep her cozy but still

a red Twizzler to
gnaw on occasionally,
two toys,
and some peace
and quiet
are also very

Put some Gershwin
on the stereo while
you’re at it —

–not too loud,

A dog’s life.

summer time —
where the livin’s easy.


!! HOY !!


8 thoughts on “The Dog Days Of Summer

  1. kirizar says:

    Love the postcard at the end! Dead red snapper, very exotic!

  2. J.D. Riso says:

    It’s been so hot even all the way up here in northern Michigan but I don’t dare complain, because we still had snow on the ground on May 1st! Hope you’re staying cool.

  3. Love all the doggies here!
    PATS to Daisie! She’s got the right idea!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  4. Mrs Fever says:

    Love the doggy postcard!

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