Accidents Can Happen

How many times
has someone at work
explained a new rule
or procedure and
ended up by
” safety first ” ?

Once you consider
the risks we take
on a regular basis
for the sake of:
our daily bread,
exercise, chores,
and the like —

(not to mention
FUN- –
what’s fun
without risk?)

— you get to
just what all
the hub-bub
is all about,

I mean,
really safe.

You could think
that if you’re the
one pointing
the gun,
you’re the
safest person
in the world –
until it backfires
and explodes in
your hand.

You could figure
that a boat is safer
than learning to
swim, until you
spring a leak a mile
from shore.

You could pile
up all the stock
and bond profits
from the bullest
market ever —
and then find
yourself trickling
down the side of
a building like so
much ticker tape.

Oh well,
there goes

It’s like the man
nobody’s got a
perfect shelter.

Safety is a
myth, man….

invented by
scare-dey cats
to help them
get out the door
in the morning and
not just hide under
the covers all day.

Not that if you
were as big a pussy
as that you’d be
safe there, either.

!! HOY !!


2 thoughts on “Accidents Can Happen

  1. Ha! Love these postcards! Humor can get some important points across!
    Great Gov’t Mule tune!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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