Just What Are They Selling ?

Watching TV these
days has gotten to
be a bizarre experience….
not so much because of
the typically ill-contrived
programming, but more
so because of the
absolutely stupid
advertising that eats
up about 40% of
the time you spend

Just settling in to
view a car auction
requires enormous
patience not to start
throwing things at
the TV when they
cut away from a car
you’ve been wanting
to see for another block
of 10 or 12 commercials.

It’s really disgusting –
it almost seems like a
contest on how many
ads they can run before
you turn the damn thing
off completely.

Of course, it’d be a
slight bit easier to take
if the commercials
themselves weren’t so
bloody vapid and idiotic.

Book Bada Boom ? ”

Just what the fuck is
that supposed to make
me wanna do other than

I have no idea what
hotel chain it’s even
talking about —
so, how is that a
good ad slogan ?

And you can bet
those hotels paid
a lotta money for that
piece of dum-dum
doggerel, too.

My pet hamster
(if I had one)
could have written
something more inspired.

I’ve also noticed a major
car insurance company,
already known for their
ridiculously simplistic
competitive comparisons,
has come up with a
new jingle….

Basically, it’s three notes
repeated along with a
quick triple repetition
of their company name.

that is so clever.

I wonder if the Archies
need any new material.

Apparently, somebody’s
6 year old niece has gone
into the jingle writing

And we won’t even talk
about the type of
situations the made
their ‘customers’
switch to their
coverage –
like the dolt who
accidentally ‘wraps
her brand new car
around a tree’ and then
is surprised she doesn’t
get a check for the full
retail amount of what
she just paid for it.

It’s called
depreciation, lady.

And if you want to pay
a lot extra to avoid it,
anybody in the insurance
racket can help you with

You didn’t chose
the wrong insurance –
you chose the wrong
driving school.

I wouldn’t be willing
to insure that woman
on a 24 inch bicycle.

And don’t ask me
what ‘Flow’ can do
with that ‘tool’ of hers,
or where Poppo Jon
can put that crummy
pizza, man.

!!! HOY !!!



12 thoughts on “Just What Are They Selling ?

  1. Great ads! HA on the T.P. ad!
    I still love magazine ads…especially vintage ones. And I like the TV commercials that are funny and not boring.

    Here is one of my fav TV ads…

    HUGS!!! 😀

  2. Kakalakola says:

    I’ll … uhhhh … just leave this here. (Try to guess what they’re selling before they finally show the product. 😛 )

  3. Jules says:

    I belong to the school of commercial avoidance. But I’m not quite ready to give up my idiot box cold turkey. As I know some have (you know those few who actually read books and newspapers and play board or card games or anything but stare from a chair….)Most of the regular programming has gotten bad too.

    And even with a senior discount the movies on the large screen aren’t worth a plug nickel. How did that newest ‘Rich’ movie get in the number 1 spot? Hey I’m all for folks being able to afford what they want but I’m not sure I see the humor in the full length ‘Crazy’ movie – seems it would be more of a constant put down.

    I lucked out several months ago when I saw a full length no commercials at all (black and white) version of the original movie of the Ghost and Mrs. Muir. …and darn it if I didn’t need a break!

  4. bwcarey says:

    you’ve just noticed, it’s a bit like seeking life in out space, someone had to do it, there must be someone up there, meanwhile, while your not looking up, look at the TV instead, as the Great Lord said, they had eyes but could not see, guess that’s why there are so many adds, apart from credit card fraud!

  5. Mrs Fever says:

    Ads drive me crazy. Choosing to avoid them by just not watching TV works for me.

    Commercial radio has gotten really bad too. They play one song, cut to 12 commercials, give the traffic report, play another four commercials… Bluh.

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