Friday Mail Merriment

myrnaWhen you
do a main write
6 days a week,
like we do
here at the
world non-famous
Muscleheaded Blog,

– some days there’s
just no other way
of answering the
posting exigency   —popcornrobot

One just
paddles out
into that
raging stream
of consciousness,

— dragging some
cool chaff out of
that undiscovered
country otherwise
known as the
digital mail-bag ……

related or unrelated,elbows40

to take with you and
hoping all the while
that the damn thing
comes together
cohesively somehow…

… sorta like
Mom’s Brunswick stew,

and hopefully not like
Mom’s world-famous
mixed-leftovers casserole.

Sorry, Mom.3
and all Irish cooks

it’s not like
I grew up hungry.

One look at me,
and you can tell
I never missed a meal.

Flavor deprived,
maybe –
– but never hungry.

where Bobby Flay
was poolwhen Mom was
learning to cook,
who knows the answer
to that one.

She had a few dishes
she could knock
out of the park,
and the rest were…
— at best,

Now, you might just be
thinking that I’m using
my Mother’s cooking
as a scapegoat for my
utter lack of creativity
in coming up with a
topic for today’s post….

— and while
I patently deny
such an allegation,
it’s true that I am kinda
scraping the proverbial
bottom of the scorched

Oh well, dance
Mom stopped reading
my blog after I made
those snarky remarks
about my Aunt Mary’s
penchant for sexy
stockings a couple
months back,

I’m still
sure that the
belated-ness of my
birthday present from
her is completely
unrelated, and simply
a matter of postal
service technicalities
of some sort or other…

— and will hopefully
be rectified without
the force majeure
requiring retraction
and/or apology.

Damn it,
I gave her
my list in January……

so I’m not
really sure
why she couldn’t
have sent it a higuyz
little farther

I shouldn’t
have said
‘no home-cooked items’,
I dunno.


!!!!!! HOY !!!!!!!




10 thoughts on “Friday Mail Merriment

  1. HA! Maybe! 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…Love the Butterworth’s Bust Builder! Wonder if they ever invented a Butt Builder!? Ha! 🙂 Those waving bears are a hoot! 😀

  2. Jules says:

    Howdy – fun mix this morning.
    Hope you’ve battened down the hatches and are safe from the Hurricane!

    • Jules: 🙂 Well, we’ve done what could be done, and we’re waiting to see how/when it’s make the move northwest. NO bread or water left in the stores, and generally people have been a bit nutsy. Now we wait. Thanks for thinking of us ! 🙂

      • Jules says:

        I heard and read how some folks from other places are trying to help those displaced. Some Vets that had to evacuate have free space at a local campground. And another non-profit is stocking up a thing called something like Soap and Hope that has a traveling shower, clean clothes and food stuffs.

        Stay safe!!!

  3. Two things to remember a Mom’s cooking:

    1. Never criticize the cook.
    2. Never get attached to any animal that may taste good.

  4. Mrs Fever says:

    Ohmygosh, the waving bears!!! 😀


    I’m having a case of the Utterly Adorables! 🙂 😛

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