Its How You Play Your Cards

I bet
you’d never
know it,
(yeah, right)
but typically,
this blog gets
written about 3
in the morning,
and there’s
definitely a reason
most suicides
happen at that
time of day,
too —

— it’s got
to do with just how
lonesome and cut off
a person naturally gets
to feeling around then.

But it can also be
a tremendous
opportunity to catch
up on your work –

– as long as you can
remember the quiet
just ain’t going to last –

– and any minute now,
the world will arise
to a new day..

and, of course, a
brand new
Blog post, inane
as ever.

My poet friend Jules
has given me an
excellent post idea –

and considering
that when I sat
down at my desk
late last night
I didn’t have
a cotton pickin’
idea in my
head about what
to write for the
main daily post …..

— actually, her
concept would
have made a perfect
write as it was, if we
played it straight
around here, which,
by sheer stubborn
we try very hard
not to ever do.

Still, since the idea
was such a good one,
it might even survive
despite our efforts to
mangle it all up.

I doubt it)

It’ll be up to the
reader, however,
to decipher just
where the lovely
Jules’ idea ends,
and our insane
raving begins.

Our subject today :
strip pinochle.

I’m told that the
game is actually
derived from one
that doesn’t involve
any removal of
clothes at all ,
( although picking
up ‘tricks’ is
somehow a part
of it )
called “bezique”.

Imagine that.

That, in turn,
is descended
from another
(also, non-stripping)
game, that contains
not only
tricking“, but also
scoring with parties“-
a very old French game,
called “piquet”.

I shoulda known ….
the French love stuff
like that.

And that’s why
I love the Fren…..

…. wait….

Ok, I guess
I jumped the
gun on that
whole tricking

Let’s just say
it’s not exactly
what I figured.

I’m looking at the
rules of these games,
only now…..

–and not only do
games like coinche,
pinochle, bezique,
belote, and piquet
have complex rules
that require more
brain power to
figure out and
explain than I
could possibly
muster up
on my best day,

…… never mind at
3 am —

…. but I have to say,
there’s also a very
disappointing lack
of stripping,
real tricking,
or anything at
all that
suggests a
wild weekend
of exchanging copious
amounts of alcoholic
and bodily fluids.

I’m not hatin on it
or like that …..

It just seems like
an awful lotta math
adding up to zero
hedonistic hoopla
to me.

Hey —

What is this
crazy world
coming to,
anyway ?



!! HOY !!


4 thoughts on “Its How You Play Your Cards

  1. HA! How is anything with the word strip in it bad?! 😛 😉
    I do my best thinking and writing at 3 a.m. 🙂
    HA on all of the cards in this post! HA on the gas tank! 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. Jules says:

    Oy! Get some sleep. 🙂

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