Kiss Me You Fool

Catch phrases can
be fun, as well as
being culturally

Not that a motto
like: ‘eat my dust‘,
or ‘read my lips
would ever make
a good subject for
a college sociology
essay, I don’t guess.

what about:
“Kiss Me, You Fool” ?


some movie lines
just stick with you,
no matter what.

And, physical intimacy
is a subject I never
get tired of posting

( Whether that’s simply
sublimating for more
of the real thing is
something else
entirely, but………… )

it seems to me that
it’s not just me, either —

Millions and millions
of postings –
in this case, the
posting of postcards,
show that it’s been
a very popular subject
with a lot of folks
over the decades.

And in particular,
cards about kissing
have always been
best sellers.

Which brings me
back to where I
started …..

The cards we have
for you today,
for some reason,
irresistibly remind
me of that previously
mentioned old
” Kiss Me You Fool”.

It was my belief
before I started
today’s post that
the saying came
from an early
Theda Bara silent

But, very much like
the old “Elementary,
My Dear Watson”
thing people use
when referring to the
Sherlock Holmes

or the “Play It
Again, Sam” ‘quote’
from Humphrey
Bogart in the film

It turns out that our
favorite vamp Miss
Theda Bara never
actually said that
in the movie.

Nope .

What she actually
said in the 1915 film
A Fool There Was
“Kiss Me, My Fool “.

a big difference ,
and in some ways ,
‘MY’ works better.

It’s more possessive,
more powerful,
more a demand
and less a generic

Which you prefer ,
the ‘MY’
or the ‘YOU’
might depend on
how passionately
you want to be
saying it….

and whether you
have the expectation
they’ll do exactly
what ever you’ll


Go ahead
and tell ’em :
Make my day“.

!! HOY !!

PS: This one below was submitted by my friend Jules after this posted – I’m adding it and will post it again as a retro later !




9 thoughts on “Kiss Me You Fool

  1. HA! Love this! And what a perfect ending! 🙂
    The kiss(ing) cards are 💋 smacking 💋 great, too! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. Jules says:

    I think I’ve got one of those post cards by Gwathmey and Stern.
    Do you have the one that says;
    I Herewith Return That Kiss I Stole:
    stolen sweets are always sweeter
    stolen kisses much completer.

    Not sure where I got it from. I did take a photo of it, once it’s on my lap top I’ll send it to you.

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