The Friday Mail Bag Post


I guess what
you’d call a
‘mixed bag’ is
what we have
for you here,

A mish-mosh of
different things
that aren’t really
this, or
really that.

I’d simply say
that it’s
but I don’t wanna
get everybody
all that
worked up.

Of course,
you could call it
a muddled
of disparate
but I’m not sure
whether there
should be an
‘s’ on the end
of that big ole
‘V’ word I just

And as ambivalent
as I am about
choosing a general
topic that would
somehow cover
all these vintage
cards in some kinda
label-umbrella, I guess
you could say ‘diverse’
would work in a pinch.

We must have our
labels, mustn’t we,
hmmmmmm ?

Sure, I agree that
sometimes labels
(or cohesive content)
makes things easier
to understand ……..

But, wouldn’t ya
say that the whole
comprehension thing
is just a little on the
over-rated side?

It’s like ole Ben
Franklin used to say
( probably about
this blog ) :

“We’re all born ignorant,
but one must work hard
to stay stupid ” 

I’ve got no idea
what he meant by that.

!!! HOY !!!



7 thoughts on “The Friday Mail Bag Post

  1. kirizar says:

    Never S the V-word. That should be a grammar rule…or safety saying in S&M play.

  2. Love the Ben Franklin quote!
    YAY for a interesting mixed bag!
    Love the doin’ ’em good card and the Love’s thermometer card!!! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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