The 1960 Plymouth XNR


This is the
1960 Plymouth XNR .

It is a one-of-a-kind
concept car designed
by Virgil Exner, Sr,
who was Chrysler’s V.P.
for styling at the time.

(He also developed the
legendary Dodge Fire Arrow,
and the Plymouth
Explorer Coupe.)

The XNR was builtaxnr2
on a Plymouth
Valiant chassis,
with a steel body
by Carrozzeria Ghia
( of Karmann Ghia fame )

and utilized a fiberglass nose.

It used a 170 cubic inch slant-six
power plant making about 260 HP,
with a four barrel carb and high performance cam.

axnr3It could handle sharp corners
at speed with ease, and was
capable of just over 150 MPH.

After several years on the show car circuit,

it somehow ended up in the
hands of the Shah of Iran,

….and then spent the rest
of the century in Beirut,
surviving the Lebanese
Civil War in a secret

Amazing, but true.

It was brought back to the United States
for restoration in 2009, and was shown
at the Amelia Island Concours
d’Elegance in 2012.

It sold that year for
just under 1 million dollars –
– $935,000 .

Looking at the styling of
this beautiful car
makes me ask one
simple question —-

Why can’t today’s
automotive designers
come up with cutting edge
ideas like this today ??

Why does every car
on the road lookaxnr
like every other car on the road?

Has automotive styling gone
the way of the dinosaurs?


if so,
what’s next ?






20 thoughts on “The 1960 Plymouth XNR

  1. scoopdalex says:

    Definitely one of the most interesting cars out there – wish we could have some crazy styling like this in some more modern vehicles

  2. says:

    wtf? this looks like funny toy car. lol!

  3. Cool! Looks like it could fly! 😉
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  4. That is one mean lookin’ car.!

  5. msjadeli says:

    good question on the unimaginative nature of car styles today. it used to be you could glance at a car and know what kind it was and some could even say what year. nowadays it is bland cookie cutter

  6. a11_m11 says:

    I wouldn’t agree with the fact, that they have stopped thinking in this manner or have stopped completely to make such cars, I guess they are restrained to design and make in the most sustainable way if you talk of production cars, but yes, if we think of exquisite vehicles, concept cars, then, yes I would say they have stopped making such cars, but yes they come up with better innovative ideas now.

  7. Brett says:

    Yowza — that’s a sleek thing! Can see where the Batmobile designers may have found some design inspiration.

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