Forget Me Not

In my
minds eye,
I can see
empty street –

I can feel the
drizzling rain
streaming down
my cheeks

as we stand
gripping each
others hands
in the dim
yellow pallor
of the street light.

Or are
those tears?

Maybe that’s
why my eyes
are burning,
even now.

I know
why my
and soul

was the day.

this is the day.

Goodbye is
no word
for lovers,

Goodbye is
a word
that should
be expunged
from the language –

as being
too cruel,
too harsh,
too bitterly final.

What’s needed
is a word –

– a magic word –

that changes
the inevitability
of ever needing
such a word
like it now,
ever again.

Is that
too much
to ask?

Too much
to ask-

Of the silence,

Of the dark,

Of the alone.



4 thoughts on “Forget Me Not

  1. Good-bye is a sad word.
    Great art and postcards!

  2. Jules says:

    Well done…
    Some words should be expelled –

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