” She said……

All your women
burn in your flame.

And as it dies,
they’ll leave you
and seek revenge .

I wish I could
find her now…

My love is soft
my love is warm –

I’d take her to bed
Tenderly. “

( lyrics from:


Mars Bonfire
and John Kay )

Most of us
that fall
into the
‘middle aged’
category can
admit that,
over the years,
we’ve made
mistakes –

Acts of
fervidity –

– in the
name of,
what we
at one time
or another
called LOVE.

It takes a lot
of time to
pass before
you realize
that you
might have
had it all
wrong —

…. so
wrong …

— that your
particular spin
on it was more
of a sporadic

I’m not
saying that
you ever
an expert
on the

love at
55 or 60
feels quite
than at
20 or 25 –
but there’s
at all to
prove that
you will ever,
ever really
get it right.

But there’s
with trying,
right ?

were painted
by the great
French artist
Raphael Kirchner –

they date
from around
1905 :

and the
series was called:
“Fleurs d’ Amour”.

I hope you
enjoy them.

And if, somehow,
you ran out of music
while staring intently
at these wonderful
samples of Kirchner’s
art, well,
here’s another
song you can play
in the background
that somehow
goes with these
cards perfectly.

It’s a Leonard Cohen
piece, rendered
exquisitely by
Luciana Souza —
Here It Is ” .

!! HOY !!


7 thoughts on “Tenderness

  1. YarrowHill says:

    Man … if I could do things differently… coulda skipped the ex …

    On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind abusing someone ELSE a bit more … they DID ask for it … and I DID sort of like that taste of the dark side …

    … hm …

    Is it weird if my regret is not having been a b*tch more often … ?

    Love the Kirchner 🙂

  2. Nothing wrong with trying for sure! 🙂
    I love that life is a journey…a process…we live, learn, grow, etc., and we don’t have to have all of the answers or understand everything completely to love and be love and to have fun fun FUN! 🙂
    This artwork is so spectacular! And your song pairing is perfect!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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