Jack Kerouac says:


Just in my swim shorts, barefooted, wild-haired, in the red fire dark, singing, swigging wine, spitting, jumping, running—that’s the way to live.

All alone and free in the soft sands of the beach by the sigh of the sea out there, with the Ma-Wink fallopian virgin warm stars reflecting on the outer channel fluid belly waters.

And if your cans are red-hot and you can’t hold them in your hands, just use good old railroad gloves, that’s all. ”


4 thoughts on “Jack Kerouac says:

  1. Beautiful, Mr. Kerouac! Too bad you were all alone. I’d would’ve been happy to be there or anywhere with you.
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…Great quote, C! You knows I love Mr. K! 🙂

  2. YarrowHill says:

    Sometimes that’s all you need 🙂

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