Photo Boothing

My buddy Jen sent
me a funny picture
of a couple of dogs
mugging in one of
those coin-operated
automated photo
booths, and it got
me to thinking-

(always a
dangerous thing)

— just how many
hilarious examples
of this kinda thing
must be
out there

I guess it
must be true,
cause you can
do some really
goofy stuff in
front of a camera
in 5 second intervals.

Hell, I’ve been
known to participate
in some pretty silly
photo booth high jinks
myself when they were
still popular in arcades
and such.

Of course,
that required
pain-staking research,
searching every nook
and cranny of the
interwebs and stuff,
anything for
our readers, right ?

Well, here’s
the thing.

Most of the vintage
photo sets from
4 for a quarter
photo booths
that I found were
kinda lame…..

(with a few

People skewing up
their faces, bugging
their eye balls, and
making obscene
gestures is pretty
much par for the

Not that
I have any
issue with any
of that-

– it just so
that I hold
an advanced
degree in

….. but it’s just
not something
that would make
for all that thrilling
of a post,
if you get
my drift.

You seen
one middle
finger, you
seen em all.

But never fear —

( notwithstanding
how really slow
I was in
realizing it ) –

we did finally
figure out
that those
old fashioned
backdrop shots
that they used
to sell at the
zoos, and
in amusement parks
could get pretty risque
or downright bizarre…

— especially those
from around
World War II.

Folks would simply
stick their head
or other appendages
into cut-outs on the

the camera
would click,
the light
would flash,
and – presto –
instant humiliation
stored on photo
emulsion paper.

Who wouldn’t
want ten
of that,
I ask you ?

Of course,
folks had a
much better
sense of humor
back then…….

And they hadn’t
learned yet the
truth of the now
defunct rule 74 –

– that if you
look like
you’re naked
or are doing
naughty in
a picture,
even if it
ain’t really
you, for all
practical purposes,
you are,
and for all time.

Don’t I know it.

(Rule 74 was
officially replaced
in the early
2000’s by :
Rule 74-R
which states that
unless you’re doing
so completely out
there while you’re
naked , (or a politico
or celebrity), that
makes it stand out
from the trillions
of other naked
pics floating
on the internet
there’s a very
strong chance
that nobody will
even see it. )


I honestly
don’t know
which version
of that rule that
I like least, but

For those
of you who
tuned in to
see the funny
photo strips….

if you’ve
got any:

just send em along
in care of this here
blog, we’ll still do
it on another post.

I just didn’t
have near
enough good
ones to make
a whole post

And I do like
these vintage
‘cut-out’ shots 
a whole lot better
that the photo strips
I ended up not using.

It comes down
to simply this :

a detour
will get ya
ya where you’re
going somewhere
faster than the
main road.

Not often,
I grant ya.


!!! HOY !!!


?????? WANT MORE ??????

Alrighty …………..



















19 thoughts on “Photo Boothing

  1. YarrowHill says:

    Omg ….!

  2. HA! *snort* 😀

    And these are great! Can’t pick a fav…ah…uh…okay, love the dog one AND the couple at the piano! Oh, gosh 😮 on the man baby washing! I wonder if that’s her father?! HA! 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. ktz2 says:

    I love those tacky ‘your head here’ things from the 40’s.. I have a few of my parents doing those when they were newleyweds in their 20s

  4. Jules says:

    Wow – I can actually imagine my grandparents in some of those cut-ups… They had a whole other life that us kiddies just didn’t know about didn’t they. Kind of like the first time you see your grade school teach at the super market… woooh they live in a house and gotta eat too?

    I actually have about four photos of my gramps and grams in their home-made basement bar with my dad and his Navy buddies. I thought it was one of those – you want to drink do it at home things. But the bar had a name and was rather well stocked. I think the photos are from the mid 40s to early 50’s. Black and whites. But it was all gone buy the late 50’s early 60’s.

    Those photo booths though have made just a little bit of a come back – though I don’t have any to share. I know… big sigh right. At weddings and business holiday dinners you can put on funny hats and hold up signs that say stuff like ‘Eye Candy’ or ‘Good Luck’.

  5. Those are some funny😀 I need to find a place that still have those boothes

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