If The Van’s Rockin

Something just about
every hip kid had to
have in the 1970’s
was a Van.

We call em
‘Conversion Vans’,
or ‘Customized’,
or even ‘Shaggin
Wagons’ today …..

… and you don’t really
see ’em around all
that much, but boy,
in the late 1970’s,
if you didn’t have
one, you just weren’t
getting all of the
gusto, man.

I personally had a
Chevy Van, just like
the one in the terrible
pop song from 1973.

The Chevy was a
much better looking
van than the clunky
looking Fords or
Dodges of the era,
and had a rock
solid 350 V-8 with an
automatic transmission,

—which didn’t
really seem as
important at the time
as did the Pioneer
Quadrophonic stereo
system with 8 speakers,
swing out seats,
plush shag carpeting,
deep dish wheels,
or even the
bubble window.

Never mind the
back-up 12 volt
battery system
that allowed
the use of the accessories
without having to keep
the van running.

It was kind of a groovy
pad away from the
everyday pad, if you dig
what I’m layin’ down-
(especially for those cats
who lived at home) .

Mine didn’t have a fancy
air-brush paint job, but
most did — and some of
the designs on friends’
vans certainly pushed
the envelope for artistic
taste, I’ll admit.

The thing got about
10 miles a gallon
on the highway,
but who cared?

I mean, you sat way
up high so you could
see over the traffic,
and your trusty CB radio
in the overhead console
would alert you to any
Smokey’s in bubble
machines up ahead
looking to enforce the
nationwide 55 MPH
speed limit –
(what a dumb ass
law that was ) .

Now, I never had
one of  
those signs/plates,
and never
knew anybody who did
have one of those signs
or plates ……

but if you were around
in those days, I’m sure
you know which signs
I’m talking about –
and you could buy them
at any truck stop or
gas station if you were…
well, desperate enough.

Still can,
I bet.

!!! HOY !!!


6 thoughts on “If The Van’s Rockin

  1. hjonasson says:

    It was always fun to ride in a van as a kid (as long as it wasn’t a white one with no windows). These days living in Europe, I think “Vans are HUGE! I could never find a parking space!”

  2. I worked out of and eventually drove a corvair van all through high school as a service van for a TV shop and electrician . It was on a par with the VW van. Everyone thought it was cool. But not as cool as the 350 Chevy. But not sure there were any other vans being made at that time. The 60’s.

  3. Love the Sammy Hagar song!
    And the Chevy Van song is one of my favs! YAY Sammy Johns!
    This is a cool, rad, groovy post!
    Cool on your Van and all the vans you shared are cool, too!
    I never had a Van…but I knew many guys who had them! So I enjoyed them! 😉
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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