Our Friday Mailbag

All of this past
week, we’ve been
celebrating our
” Travel Week ”

( mainly because
we don’t do sharks
around here )
on the Muscleheaded Blog –

– and since it is
Friday, there’s
no reason why
we shouldn’t end it
with a bang –

( the ‘bang’ having
nothing at all to
do with person or
persons I used to
know at the old
Dolphin Motel
in Daytona Beach )

– so our mailbag
features vintage
travel postcards
of almost every
description –

( as long
as it’s sexy,
dirty, funny,
or at least
interesting ) –

– hey,
that’s fair,
ain’t it ??

The thing about
travel postcards is
that there’s about a
gazillion —
see, post cards
made for a
very inexpensive
momento that
everybody could

Before the 1940’s,
many folks never went
any further than 100
miles from home…..

Those that did
would invariably
pick up a couple
picture postcards
whenever they were
someplace interesting
to show their friends
and relatives what the
place was like.

Postcard quality varied,
of course, but generally,
the images were better
than a person could take
with their Brownie,

Who knows, maybe
some folks would
buy/send cards
from their travels
as a way of bragging
about where they’d
been, but I think
mainly it was about
keeping in touch,
as souvenirs, and for
sharing their experiences
with the people in their
personal circle.

And obviously,
although much
less intentionally,
with us here,
in the right now.

It’s kinda
doncha think?


!!! HOY !!!




11 thoughts on “Our Friday Mailbag

  1. creating…not creatitng…Oopy! 😮 😛

  2. Last long road trip I took I met a woman, her sister, and her grandson. They were traveling from NY to CA. At each place they stopped they bought a postcard and the little boy wrote some things on it that they had done in that city. He was creatitng a postcard collection to remember what he’d learned, saw, did, ate, etc.
    I found that VERY cool! 🙂
    They enjoyed petting Cooper! 🙂
    OOH! I’ve been to some of the places you shared via postcards in this post! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  3. kerbey says:

    Not traveling past 100 miles from home–and now WordPress is filled with blogs devoted solely TO traveling!

  4. Jules says:

    Some places the price of a post card is well just too much any more. When I travel I try to find the drug stores that have a rack with a couple for under a dollar. Some places though I’ve seen a single small post card for over a dollar.

    I always bring post card stamps with me when I travel in the states.
    Sometimes there are free advertising PC’s – they don’t have a whole lot of room to write.

    I also started sending myself at least one PC from where I’ve been just to have the Post Office Stamped Date (though not always readable).

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