On The Stump

driveinstumpThe folks who
were buying automobiles
in the early part of
the 20th century had
several expectations
about how they were planning on using them……

And travel –
going out of town,
out of state, maybe
even out of country
and seeing the world
in their automobile
was certainly one of them.

It was a rough and ready
kinda travel, no doubt
about it – and although
the first routes could
consist of nothing but
dirt and gravel roads,
sometimes no visitormore
than horse trails and
cart tracks- –

rustic type service
businesses were quick
to spring up to bring
fuel, food, and supplies
to these hearty travelers.

Often, these places
were not only
rustic, but unusual –
a place like ” Rex’s
Redwood Log “,
otherwise known as camper
the World Famous
Drive-In Stump
Souvenir Stand
and Hamburger Joint,
in Eureka, California.

It was cut out of a
single redwood log
about 22 feet in diameter.
The place offered cheap
hand-made novelties,pal
badly cooked sandwiches,
and a free bumper sticker
with every purchase.

It was expanded into a
full service restaurant
in the 1940’s…

There was a highway
called the
“Redwood Highway”
(Old U.S. Route 199
in Northern California
and Oregon, and
parts of U.S. Rte 101
in California)
that ran past dozens
of these kinds of cichey tunnel
places centered on the
giant redwoods–

— but if your
particular fetish
was for buildings
cut out of a
single huge redwood
log like Rex’s–

well, there were also:treehouse
gas stations,
tree houses
(a natural, I guess)
art galleries,hou
rest rooms,
railroad cars,
inns ,
huge statues of bears,
and plenty
of tourist traps
made outgarage
of the same

Not to mention,
eventually, anyway,
the world’s largest
tree stumps
piles of mulch.

!!! HOY !!!





6 thoughts on “On The Stump

  1. Used to live among the redwoods. I’ve enjoyed (and hugged) many of them!
    Fun and cool stumpy postcards!
    HUGS!!! Happy Sat-Day!!! 😀

  2. GP Cox says:

    And their only greatest fear was – Termites?

  3. Wow ! I live in England so I have no realistic idea of just how big the Redwood actually is. Unbelievable. Great photographs.

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